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  1. BlackJoe

    Vinegaroon issue

    It worked but the leather has a dingy brownish sheen to it
  2. BlackJoe

    Vinegaroon issue

    I read that post prior. I’ve made roon before but this is the first time that it has been brown and foamy. I don’t know if I have too much rust in the mix this time and should add more vinegar.
  3. BlackJoe

    Vinegaroon issue

    I recently made a new batch of vinegaroon but instead of being a dark color, the roon is light brown and foamy. Any ideas on why it is doing this?
  4. BlackJoe

    Setting odd shaped rivets

    Lay them pyramid side down on a piece of scrap leather then set them with your hammer. The scrap leather will give a little and won’t damage the rivet.
  5. It was from a remnants pack
  6. I am making a hatchet sheath. I cut the body and strap from the same piece of leather, folded, punched, dyed, and sealed. I did both pieces at the same time. The piece above the body is the top strap. I don’t mind the body being 2 toned because I like the worn look but the strap doesn’t match either piece.
  7. I applied with a doub and wiped away the excess. As far as the sealer, I applied with a sponge then wiped away the excess then buffed.
  8. I used Fiebing’s leather dye and neutral resolene. Believing that i used a different amount of dye, I dyed another piece and it still doesn’t match the other. So I have 2 matching straps that don’t match the sheath.
  9. I dyed two separate pieces of leather then sealer but both pieces turned out a different color. The pieces are cut from the same leather. What am I doing wrong?