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  1. This is super helpful as I've been going through the same search. @harnessman what's your model # for the machine you love so much?
  2. Has anyone tried sanding their clear gloss? I've used it effectively on thin leathers as a final top coat after the paint is totally smooth and dry , but just tried it on a thicker leather and on the larger surface, it ever so slightly dripped and finished unevenly. Wondering if I could sand with 600 or higher grit and reapply. I think I also need to thin it down with water so I can apply a thinner coat.
  3. Thanks, guys! Dwight - I purchased that same belt sander from Harbor Freight and am pleased with the results. (I don't do gun holsters or anything with concave curves, so it worked fine for me.) I'm almost tempted to mark my stitchline a little more than 1/8" from the edge with the plan to sand down even more since that might be a quicker way to get the edges lined up for painting.
  4. nice! i like that price. not sure how that one wasn't showing up in my searches. which grit do you use with it?
  5. interesting, thanks! i have a harbor freight coupon sitting on my desk because i was looking at that exact machine. in terms of messing stuff up, i was worried about slipping slightly and sanding the face. so that's what i thought that machine in the link where i could place the product on a flat surface and slide it toward the machine would be better than having it in the air. but maybe you do that same thing with the lip on the harbor freight machine?
  6. Anyone use a machine for sanding edges? I was thinking just a regular bench belt sander, but this reviewer says that they sand their holsters on this: https://www.homedepot.com/p/RIDGID-Oscillating-Edge-Belt-Spindle-Sander-EB4424/100061671 Anyone with any experiences using a machine for sanding edges, please do share.
  7. @northmount thanks!! i was putting it in reverse with the needle in the material so that i could control the number of backstitches and so i could be sure i was paying attention to the needle lining up exactly with the forward stitch. but i should wait to put it in reverse until the needle is about 1/4" above the material?
  8. thanks @kgg i have tried different bobbin tensions. i'm confused because the stitch looks great on both sides as long as i don't backstitch
  9. Hi guys! I'm new to the forum and excited to be here. I've been trying to fix this for 2 days now. I am stitching felt onto 7 oz veg tan. I can get a beautiful straight stitch. For the backstitch only, I get the top thread looping at the bottom. Attached are images of what I mean, as well as an image of the machine I'm using (Highlead/Artisan 2698-1). I've tried adjusting the tension, changing the needle and different thread thicknesses. I thread the needle with the foot up. I've tested it about 100 times and if I wanted to do this, I'm now confident I could do it every time. Its the same result with every thread combination. But I don't want to do it this way, so any help would be appreciated.
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