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  1. www.tlfsafety.com houses all the MSDS sheets and the GCC for all the active Tandy Leather products. If you are needing assistance with an item that is not found on tlfsafety.com please email tlfhelp@tandyleather.com - Charlie Davenport
  2. Archive Project and Start Date Announced! Posted on 12/16/2009 by tandy leather Leather artist Charlie Davenport has pulled out one of the most requested patterns “Lord’s Supper” by Christine Stanley from our archives to do as our first step-by-step project. This Tandy Leather/Craftool pattern pack, first available during the mid-60s, has been pulled from the archives and scanned into .pdf form. The entire pattern pack will made available online starting Saturday, December 19th on our website www.tandyleatherfactory.com in the eBooks section for $12.99. The epattern includes (cover art, 2pgs of Al Stohlman’s tips on figure carving, full size tracing pattern and photocarve, and tiled versions of the tracing pattern and photocarve to print out on 8.5”x11”paper for your convience).The step-by-step lesson schedule will be: Monday, December 21st – Wednesday, December 23rd Christmas Break Monday, December 28th – Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 New Years Break Monday, January 4th – Until completion. He will be working through this project daily, answering your questions and posting his progress with photos and step-by-step instructions on http://tandyleather.wordpress.com The following are some of the techniques that will be covered during this project: Cutting Leather Design Transfer Leather Preparation Carving Line Elements Tooling Modeling Coloring with “Eco-Flo” leather dyes Finishing
  3. Friday I will show how I tooled the 2010 TLF Catalog Cover by a couple of elements of the design. On Saturday I will spend the day show in how to use the Eco-Flo dyes to color the piece. I will be happy to answer any Eco-Flo questions during the day. - Charlie Davenport
  4. As an artist that works with leather, I really enjoy working with the Eco-Flo dyes. Comparing the water-based Eco-Flo dyes to alcohol base dyes is an unfair comparison. It would be like a painter comparing watercolors to oil paint. They both work great, but in different ways. For large areas I use an aerosol sprayer, and get a good even coverage. Here is a leather Artist Trading Card I did with the EF dyes. As a parent that has children that attend many of the youth classes that Tandy puts on for different groups, I like the water-based dyes easy clean up and no solvents needed. Considering the wide customer base and new government regulations for the craft industry, I think Tandy is doing a great job. Nobody is ever going to be everything to everyone.
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