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  1. Nice save! Thanks for the share!
  2. Smartee

    Lots of tooled Bags

    They're awesome!
  3. Smartee

    I found this Simco saddle at the curb

    Doesn't appear to be in bad shape in the first pic! Make sure the rigging is good! Good find!
  4. Smartee

    sewing machine choices

    I'd look at the CB341 for what you're doing. I had originally looked at that but since my singer would do the lower end of what I wanted - going with the 3200 will allow me a wider range.
  5. Smartee

    Stitching Pony

    Love, love, love the legs/feet!
  6. Smartee

    overwhelmed with options

    LOL ~ I'm 5'2" and the table is at a perfect height for me. Of course he set it up for me when I picked it up though
  7. Smartee

    overwhelmed with options

    I purchased a 3200 from a rep in Maryland. Got his information from Ryan. The standard table that comes with the 3200 is adjustable in height - I'm not sure how high it goes though.
  8. Nice saddle! When I picked up an old beauty that was super stiff I scrubbed it down good with water and saddle soap then used passier lederbalsam on it and it came out beautifully without darkening the leather. Good luck!
  9. I'm sure it'll be fine for looks but I don't know that I'd rope off of it.
  10. Smartee

    measure tapes leathered

    I'll think on it! PM me what you would charge and shipping to the states!
  11. Smartee

    measure tapes leathered

    Nice! I need one for my hubby - only the larger one!
  12. Smartee

    Which leather to use for "rustic look"?

    I''ve been looking for a crazy horse or similar in colors for bags. Does anyone know where might have them? I'd love to find it especially in a plum color!
  13. Smartee

    Tiger and water

    Wow! Truly amazing!
  14. Smartee

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    I haven't read everything here but wanted to interject that it's not just the leather community. As a horse and other animal person - it is happening to all of the animal sites, farming sites, etc. One must be very particular as to wording on FB anymore. I feed my dogs raw and our buying group has even seen issues. I'm sorry - my dogs weren't born to be vegan nor was my cat or myself!
  15. I'm in! This thread or a new one - doesn't matter!