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  1. 264shooter

    Used Juki LU563 or brand new machine

    Well turns out the machine was in near mint condition, couple small chips in the finish right in front of the needle plate, that's it. Everything worked flawlessly, came with a servo installed and a smaller pully already on it, huge bag of needles, a few extra bobbins, screwdriver set, bucket of binder clips, 2 snippers, magnetic guide, 5 different presser feet two spools of thread and even some leather... I took it all home for $700. Also the gentleman and his wife I purchased it from just so happened to be two of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Im incredibly excited to start turning out projects on this machine. I think im gonna start with some seat covers for my truck then onto the shooting gear!
  2. 264shooter

    Used Juki LU563 or brand new machine

    Awesome, I've been digging more into the information about the 563 last night and this morning, seems like ive found a winner if it sews without issue. And again this site and YouTube have given me the most information
  3. 264shooter

    Used Juki LU563 or brand new machine

    Thanks Big Sioux, hopefully im not turning a super slow speed most if the time, maybe when I start with more leather work I will in the beginning. I tend to sew about medium speed with the 241. It's a clutch motor and ive only changed the motor pully down to a 1.75" and that speed seems to work for me. I realized i probably should have put this in the sewing machine sub forum instead of the sewing leather. I guess I should have paid more attention. I think im going to go have a look at the machine today with my cash in hand. I've got some heavy webbing and some other items to test it on. Hopefully it sews like a dream.
  4. First off, hello everybody. Im a long time lurker first time poster, this site has answered many questions ive had over the years. Im in the middle of looking for a walking foot machine to for 1000d and heavier nylon and canvas material with some small leather pieces sewn on them, possibly more leather work in the future, medium weight stuff most likely. Ive been using my trusty singer 241-12 for most of my projects, but it's just lacking in the reverse department (completely lol) and I would really like to step in to a good walking foot. Now this site im going to say has ruined me for the better. I didn't know the difference between the top and bottom feed and triple feed until reading through posts on this site a few years ago. There's a very informative group of members on here and I do appreciate the information you guys will give out. I was fairly set on just biting the bullet and ordering a Consew 205rb because the price was reasonable for a brand new machine and my search for a decent used machine locally was turning up very little, with the few walking foot machines that did turn up the locals think they are cast from gold with their asking prices so high. Then I saw the consew p1206rb recommended on here to another member and it's a little more expensive but not unreasonable also the triple feed. I'm not going to lie that's sitting "in my cart" right now. Low and behold I find a Juki LU563 for $700, now I haven't had a chance to see it in person but the photos of it show it in excellent condition, the bed has zero wear on the paint, exterior looks mint and the gentleman selling it bought it from a juki dealer. Would I be silly to pass up this deal if after inspection it showed no true signs of excessive wear or abuse? I'll admit I'm not really familiar with this model, except the 563 has a larger bobbin than the 562. I think if I'm correct the 1508 was its replacement and it seems to have a pretty good reputation. Anything I should know about the function or possible flaws of these Juki's? Again this will be used for nylon, canvas, and webbing more than anything else. It will see some 4-5oz leather every once in a while but mainly the canvas type material. Thanks for your time!