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  1. Threadbeat

    Stitch length regulator singer 241-12

    Thanks guys- I will try again... I just swapped out that machine head for a singer 111, so I can work on the 241 issue on the side- hopefully I can get it going again with a usable stitch w/o having to dismantle anything too crazy. I really don’t think I pushed the plunger down while the machine was running/ engaged , but if I did, could that be the issue? how does one troubleshoot that- if that is what happened?
  2. Threadbeat

    Stitch length regulator singer 241-12

    Still looking for help on this issue...!
  3. So, I have been trying to shorten my stitch length on my 241-12 forever... I FINALLY got the length to the tiniest stitch possible, as a test- now I cannot for the life of me get it to lengthen again- it’s like the feed dogs are barely moving material now. HELP! What was a cosmetic issue just turned into a completely different monster... suggestions, please!