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  1. Thank you! It's a bit of a "warm up" to potentially having one of my own in the house.
  2. Hey!! Registered a little while ago having read some great posts. What a great spot for anyone who works with or is interested in Leathercraft. From Nova Scotia Canada, living just outside of Halifax. Got into Leathercraft in August of 2018. I started due to being a bit of a knife nut and never finding sheaths that meet exactly what I want. I worked on small leathercrafts as a child, but that was the extent of it. I purchased a few small tools and some scrap leather then it started from there to now is a total obsession. I wanted to start making pouches/sheaths etc for all my toy's. It's a relaxing craft. I find I'm always learning something new. (I've also learned how pricy it also is hahahaha). Each project gets better and better. I look forward to being part of the community. Here are some Wallets I made for some Family members as Christmas Gifts.
  3. Why not make this my 1st post. I started working with leather in August of 2018 and became totally obsessed. I was working out of my Garage, but its now just too cold living in Eastern Canada. Decided to move into the house. I have a good space that I was able to make into a new little shop for myself. The bench is made of 2 2ft x 4ft benches attached together. I overbuilt these but I wanted something sturdy. There is a 1/2 inch sheet of plywood for the top, with a 1inch sheet of MDF under it to make a strong base layer. I added a single 2x4ft pegboard. I left the option of adding more to it if needed. What stamps I have are just set up with a 30 inch strip of 2x6. Total cost including screws was approx $100. CAD.
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