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  1. Thank you both again for all your help, especially for those photos and videos as well! They were very helpful. It’s an art that no one here is willing to share any information on, there’s only one person who is currently twisting mecates so I really had no idea where I should be starting, but I’m making progress down the right track now thanks to you all have a wonderful day
  2. Thanks for that! Is there any chance you have got any photos of yours, or your friends contraption? Helps give me an idea of what I should be looking at making thanks again for your help! It’s greatly appreciated
  3. Would you have any recommendations on where to get, or how to make a rope making machine?
  4. Cheers! I’ve actually got one of their wheels, it’s great but only suitable for smaller twists unfortunately. Trying to figure out how I might be able to jig something up with a drill at the moment
  5. You’ve all been incredibly helpful and I’m eternally greatful for you advice and recommendations! I’ve got a good starting point to experiment with now, will try and post an update when I’ve got some bosals finished to show off too
  6. Thank you! I will have a look for this group :D
  7. Thank you! I love this book, unfortunately not all that much help as far as twister mecates go! Thanks again though
  8. Hi again all! hopefully this is an okay place to ask this, as I’ve exhausted all other options now! Is there anyone out there that has experience making twisted mecate reins? I’ve been braiding them for a few years and would love to learn how to twist them by hand. any and all information/advice welcome!! thanks again !
  9. Thank you so much! This is perfect, makes complete sense to my metric brain too! Lol. thanks again, and happy braiding!!
  10. Good morning, ive been trying to wrap my head around the maths for figuring out my string size for a braided bosal core. I’m used to working in mm rather than inches and fractions, so it’s taking more brain power than expected! im wondering if it’s as simple as taking the core size I want to achieve, and dividing that by the number of strings I want to use to find out what size strings I should use. this is what I usually do for kangaroo lacing, but this is my first time messing with rawhide so not too sure if it’s a different story. thanks again !
  11. Hi again, I am wanting to look into building my own pack saddle on a sawbuck tree. I’m wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some literature or videos? I have plenty here to build off, but would like to build some more knowledge around it. tthanks in advance!
  12. Ahhh yes! The stohlman books. I’ve been hunting for a while now trying to find some at a decent price (on amazon they’re $350, plus $80 postage in my currency!)
  13. Hi guys, ive been doing leatherwork for a few years now, and am planning to take on the project of a saddle. I live in a country where there aren’t many/any makers available who are willing to teach, so does anyone have any recommendations for online videos/DVDS ? And patterns/templates I can purchase? ive been study everything I can find on YouTube, and have been trying to hunt down the al stohlman books at a reasonable price, but would really like to get a good understanding of the process visually again, any tips, tricks and advice are greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!
  14. Hi guys, ive been doing leather work for a number of years now and am wanting to take on my first saddle. I live in a country where there aren’t many teachers - or resources. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend where I could buy some patterns/templates? also any recommendations on tutorials etc would be greatly appreciated. I have been binge watching whatever I can find on YouTube for the last few months. again, any tips and advice appreciate!! thanks in advance.
  15. I’m starting to wonder as well - I know it has had a bit of restoration work done to it. I have tried adjusting the top thread tension, but this is still the problem I’m facing with my stitching on the underside of my leather
  16. Thanks for your reply, The bobbin casing is very similar as the one you posted but there’s neither of those screw points on it i will I’ll try and get a photo of it this afternoon, it’s sure got me baffled
  17. Hi there, i have recently got got my hands on a singer class 7-5 with no information on it and Only part of the manual. I have managed to get it running and sewing but the bottom thread appears too tight in the stitches and I cannot find a tension screw on or around the bobbin casing to loosen it? Could anyone advise on this ? Machine works beautifully otherwise Thanks in advance
  18. Hey guys, Im looking to get some new geometric stamps and bevelers as the ones i acquired a while are of poor quality and im just not getting a defined stamp out of them now. Ideally looking for some geometric stamps that are a bit "different" as well. Are there any suggestions on where i could purchase stamps that will send to Australia or New Zealand? have had a look on Tandy Thanks
  19. that looks great, how did you get that depth in your tooling?
  20. Thanks you so much, that is the exact design im making. I appreciate the drawings!
  21. Hi I have been working with leather a while now, mainly on saddlery, bridles, chinks/armitas and plaiting and am wanting to make my partner a decent sheath for his muela hunting knife It wont be your normal sheath that hangs down off your belt, it will be a sheath that sits the knife as in line with the belt as possible. I have made rougher sheaths for my own work knives but am wanting to make something tight fitting and slightly decorative Does any one have any tips or advice, on making the pattern right through to finishing the sheath? All tips, do's/ donts are welcome Thanks!
  22. I’ve brought stranger things back from traveling so I may pick it up when I’m there just to be safe lol NZ customs are a confusing bunch
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