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  1. Pictures please, local pickup only or willing to ship?Highly interested in the Ferdinand and Adler. Thanks!
  2. My offer was going to be contingent on the possibility of shipping it. If things change with Kenneth Lee, and you would consider shipping this, please let me know. Thanks and best of luck with the sale!
  3. Hi everyone, On Sunday I am going to look at a pfaff 1246-706/05 and an Adler 67GK 373 The machines are located roughly 6 hours away! The pictures are of poor quality, I understand this is a gamble, but I will be near the area and Can anyone tell me anything about these machines? Specifically the pfaff. I have found some information on the Adler by the search function but not much on the pfaff. I know it’s a double needle but I don’t know much other than that. Thank you all in advance!
  4. Hi all, the wing nut on the back of the machine was in fact loose, causing the presser foot to drag along the material rather than work as intended. It was the black nut in the top/back of the machine. Hopefully this helps someone else in the future. Thank you all for taking the time to respond!
  5. Can anyone give some insight? My presser foot is not lifting when sewing. It lifts with the knee lift though. Machine is an artisan 797AB. Any insight is appreciated. I am trying to download a video but looks like the file is too large. I can lift the presser foot with the knee lift. It stays stationary at its lowest point when sewing. I will try to add a video on YouTube and post it here. I just bought this machine and am extremely frustrated, and slightly upset. Hoping someone on here can help me fix this issue. Thanking you all in advance!
  6. Having trouble uploading pictures as is says I am only allowed up to 1.46 mb. Not very tech savvy but will try to figure it out so I can show some stuff to you guys. I’m sure it’s very different from what most of you are familiar with but maybe you will all find some interest in my hobby!
  7. Hello all I have been frequenting this form for a while and decided to finally sign up. I would like to thank everyone for all the information I have learned from reading as a guest. I am looking into buying a cylinder head sewing machine that is capable of sewing many heavy layers of dacron sail cloth. At times, I could be sewing up to a half inch thick of material. The reason I am looking for a cylinder head machine is because I am getting into attaching pouches onto the existing products I am making. I understand that there are several machines capable of doing this. I am a complete noob and I keep getting deeper and deeper into searching for the proper machine. I am hoping one of you can lend some knowledge on the type of machine I may be looking for. I would like to buy the cheapest machine possible, that would also work for this job. I understand I am most likely going to spend over $1000 even if I buy a used machine. Here in NY it is not common to find that many used cylinder head machines that serve this purpose. I will be sewing pouches as tight as 2 1/2” deep, so the head must be capable of getting inside this small area. It also must be powerful enough to attach 5 layers of 12 oz cloth to an additional 8, so 13 total layers of material. I plan on sewing with 138 thread. Here are some pictures of my products. The bags are made for fishing in the northeast. Hoping to learn from all of you and to be able to contribute to the site as well. Thanking you all in advance, Nick
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