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  1. I get them from the Blue Gun store. They pop into back side of male line 24 snap to protect firearm from rubbing on metal. http://www.bluegunstore.com/snapprotectors.aspx
  2. http://www.bluegunstore.com/snapprotectors.aspx
  3. Has anyone measured the Bunkhouse Tools Vaquero and Blackhawk holster molds? I'm curious if they are based on the new models or old models. I have also recently had a question about Ruger Blackhawks in mid size and large size frames, I'm assuming they are talking about the older "flat top" Blackhawks in the smaller frame. Thanks Matt
  4. Thank you, I was lucky to have a very patient customer. I set aside a few days a week to work on it between saddles and holsters. For the finish I used Saddle Lac, Easy to apply and holds up well on saddles. Customer can take parts of bike a easily spray them down if needed.
  5. Im usually working on saddles and making holsters but a customer decided to give me a challenge. I have covered a few seats and made some motorcycle bags but nothing like this.
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