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    Mandolin & Guitar, welding, sewing bags and whatnot, calligraphy and enjoying my wife.

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    Basics - want to make wallets and notebook covers
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  1. Welcome, I'm new here as well, but down in Pueblo. Come down for a slopper some time!
  2. I went to school up there. I'm in Pueblo now, but seem to get up to CSU about once a month.
  3. Hello all. I'm just starting out at the young age of 55. I'm a high school ag teacher and do quite a bit with metal and wood. I've recently started up making bags and whatnot from canvas and the like and thought I ought to add a little light leatherwork to my own bag of tricks with the idea of perhaps helping some of my students make useful things like halters, etc. I'm a blank slate, having only made 2 holsters about 20 years ago, so I'm going to visit around and soak up some information.
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