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  1. So then would you think it is fair to say the Cowboy Outlaw would be able to do both holsters/sheaths and the smaller items like wallets,vests, etc. Since it is listed as being able to use #69 thru #346? (it also states possibly 415, not sure why it's only possibly)
  2. Hello, I have finally gotten to the point that hand stitching is not that fun anymore, and as such I am purchasing a sewing machine. I read a lot of topics on here about the varying types and that helped me avoid the trap of purchasing a home machine that claims it can do leather(Thank you). I now know I absolutely have to get an industrial machine either manual or with a motor. I also know that based on what I read a triple feed sounds like it is the way to go. However I still have uncertainty over what it is I need, with these machines varying from $700-$5,000 I have a fear of "over buying" and never really using what I paid a premium for or "under buying" and getting something that doesn't do what I want. I was hoping I could lay out here my intended uses, budget, and expected frequency of use and get some suggestions from more experienced and educated minds because looking at all these machines they are starting to all blend together with the various terminology, Id like to get a few suggestions and focus on those. I was very close to purchasing a tippman boss or the very similar cowboy that I noticed Tandy replaced the tippman with. However I was hesitant since the pricing was so close to those with motors. I am not sure if they are worth it to me since I never intend to travel with my machine, all work is done at my home. Any suggestions to narrow my research would be appreciated. Budget: $1000-1500 Product: Gun holsters and knife sheaths primarily and probably no thicker than those, would like the ability to do lighter leather as well. Gun holsters and knife sheaths interest me the most but I eventually want to do purses and other items. Usage: I don't plan to make something every day, or even every week but a few items a month is where I would like to be. I don't do this professionally but I enjoy making things and selling them to fund new projects. I am new to this and so far have stuck to kits and easy items but I do plan with this machine to start doing my own designs. Bonus question: If I get a heavy duty machine, is it also capable of doing softer ligher items like wallets and purses or would it be strictly for the heavy stuff and I would need a home machine as well?
  3. The paint is decoart white patent leather. the dye was from tandys off the top of my head I cant think of the name but its the main brand they have there I think fiebing. So do I need to scrape the paint off and then put a coating on and repaint? if so will resolene coating work? I have that but I don't know what the acrylic sealer is.
  4. So I am making one of tandys baseball kits, there are two pre-cut pieces of leather. I dyed one blue and the other red. I then stamped a name into each piece and I took white acrylic paint that says it is for leather use, and I attempted to paint the stamped letters white. Problem is the letters on the blue one dried baby blue and the red one dried pink. I figured it was just because of the dye maybe it wasn't dry enough so I would add another layer. I did and it did not help, I have since done approximately 7 layers, letting each one dry and then doing another and still my letters are pink and baby blue, I want complete white. Any suggestions for how I achieve this? or how many different layers I should expect it to take?
  5. I as recently approached by a church member who ive made knife pouches for and he is asking me to make him a pen/pencil/marker case for his work. The design seems simple enough but ive never run across any templates for it and am wondering if anyones made something like this and has a template or pointers. So it has to be tall enough for a pen to stand straight up inside the case and fit about 5 pens/markers. He wants it open so no need for a clasp or anything. It will have a belt loop which I already know how to apply. I am thinking I can do this out of a solid square but not sure if it is best stiched or laced. If anyone has done something like this before let me know. Thank you.
  6. I am probably very late but I actually did This for a work project, we had to all dress as wrestlers and my boss knowing I had just picked up this hobby a month or so earlier asked me to make my own mask. I didn't quite make it a template but I could give you some pointers if you're still trying to do this (although im sure you figured it out). Essentially I just used photos of the mask from google and cut them by look as for sizing I cheated because the original mask uses lace in the back but I put snap rivets on the back straps at least 3 on each so each part of the mask was adjustable to the wearer. It came out very well I think, so much so I was told to put it on twitter for mick foley to see, I didn't get a retweet but here is the pics one is a side by side of me wearing the full costume with the image I used. ill have to make another reply with the 2nd image due to size limitations
  7. I did read that article and it helped some, still having some trouble with all the Jargon, trying to decipher whether machines like that are for people who do leatherworking as a business or hobby, because I want a machine that can do some thick stuff like sheathes and cases, but ill rarely be doing chaps or anything too large so I guess im trying to find that sweet spot between using a machine that's not truly meant for leather and one that is the super-professional level. If I got anything out of that article though Its that a "walking" machine is what I want, I think.
  8. Hey All I am very new to the hobby of leatherworking, I began only in September but I have been getting into it big time! Currently I am making knife pouches, coasters, key FOBs, etc. Small stuff. I do however want to get into more complex things in the future and am also starting to get tired of hand stitching every knife pouch I do so I am considering buying myself a stitching machine come income tax time but honestly I am so overwhelmed with what kind to get. Looking at the Tandy website there is only 2 types, on for around 400 that looks like the kind of machine my grandma used to stitch clothes and the other is 1400.00 and looks real heavy duty (its a hand machine) but to be honest Idk if there is a measurable difference between the two as far as the type of work I am doing. That's what I guess im asking for is advice on what I as an amateur leatherworker should look for in a machine, all these terms I read on the forums are foreign to me so If someone can explain what to look for in my native tongue of idiot I would appreciate it! any advice as far as brand to buy or stay away from would be useful too. As far as price range I'd like to see a machine for less than 1K but if that not possible a little more is fine but my natural instinct is to be the best of the best and Im trying to avoid that this time around and get something that can easily do the work I need it to but not be overkill. Any help is appreciated! below are the pictures of the two options I have through Tandy but I am open to other suggestions if neither is truly a good investment.
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