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  1. horseshoer

    Thread tension juki 563

    The ones I have are tri point, but I will order the bigger size in both tri and diamond. What you said makes sense to me..... No matter the tension, the thread cannot pull up into the leather, if the hole isn't big enough. The machine came with some 135/17 needles but I read on this site that 135/16 would be better in leather?
  2. horseshoer

    Thread tension juki 563

    Thank you Wizcrafts. I will order some 23/160 needles and give that a try.
  3. I have a new to me, juki 563 . Machine is in good shape and seems like it is a sure enough good machine although I know nothing about sewing machines. It came with some 69 thread and I forget what size needles and was setup to do auto upholstery. It sewed great. I have now converted to a servo motor and a smaller motor pulley. I also got some 135x16 leather point needles in a size 22/140 and #138 t135 bonded nylon thread. Sewing 8 or 9 oz veg tan, the knot is showing up on the bottom of the leather instead of inside the leather. I read in two different places that if the knot shows up on the bottom then the top thread needs more tension. I tightened the top thread tension but it did not change the location of the knot. I can crank down that top thread tension to where I can barely pull the thread , or back it all the way off and the knot still remains on the bottom. The bobbin thread pulls fairly easy but I didn't want to play with that tension without first getting some advice. Did I get bad information on this being a problem with top thread tension being too loose? what should I try next?
  4. horseshoer

    Juki 563

    Thanks for the reply Pintodeluxe ! That info helps me a bunch!
  5. horseshoer

    Juki 563

    I found a Juki 562-3 and a 563 . The 562-3 is super clean and nice machine , the 563 is decent but I know it has the larger bobbin and reverse so I was leaning that direction. After visiting whit the owner of the 563 on the phone, he told me it ran good and was a good machine but further discussion he had said that the machine would make a clunk and thought it was maybe a week spring in the knee lift. Does that make sense? or sound like the knee lift could cause a clunk? could the knee lift be removed and and the foot be raised by hand? Or is this most likely a bigger problem? thanks!