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  1. fallequinox

    Just pulled the trigger on a Cowboy CB4500!!!

    Thank you, everyone! Now.. the wait for delivery.
  2. I am extremely excited about this and I want to tell the world about it. But they would just look at me with a blank look. No one else would know what I am talking about if I told them other than the people here. So here I am! I just got a monster sewing machine and I feel like I just got a new sports car. For those of you out there who have one of these, what's the learning curve like? Any tips/tricks you wish to pass on would be greatly appreciated.
  3. fallequinox

    I must look stuped ...

    I wonder if there is another forum somewhere were people are saying the same thing about us leatherworkers. Something along the lines of.." I called up a leather place to see if they could do this and that for me and do you have any idea how much they wanted to charge me ?!?!!? the insanity!!.... etc. etc."
  4. That is very nice!!! indeed!
  5. Hey Scott, Is this for IWB or OWB? and just to clarify you mean a Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 in 9mm with a 4" bbl. ? When do you need it by?
  6. Thank you all! I went in a completely new direction with no idea what the outcome would be and this happened. No complaints!
  7. fallequinox

    1st knife sheath

    Great job. Very well done!
  8. fallequinox

    Howdy from Colorado

    Welcome from Golden, Colorado!
  9. That is unique, different and amazing!! Taking something ordinary like a wallet and making it into something extraordinary like this... that is talent!
  10. fallequinox

    An example of batchwork

    Thank you for sharing this concept. I had not thought about things this way but I see the benefit of it. I can see myself doing this now going forward.
  11. fallequinox

    Hand press help

    I only have the Crafttoo Pro. Both holes seem to be the same at 3/8th of an inch. No idea on cross-compatibility.
  12. Maybe it's for a leftie. Aside from possible orientation issues, it looks great!!!