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  1. wow thanks all, makes it very clear ! The machine is an Adler 167 with walking foot; any tips on watts/torques/whatsoever I should take in account when choosing a servo? 550watts, 750watts? I don't work with leather but with tarpaulin. Can I later on upgrade with the speed reducer or should I get it right away? Maybe I don't need literally stitch by stitch until now have been working as well partially manually when I needed the real precise work, that worked fine, but overall I prefer super control over a motor doing "vroom" and eating the project, so to speak..
  2. Thanks @constabulary for putting things in perspective. I wanted to know the value so I can negotiate the purchase without motor
  3. I'm in need of a 'slow' sewingmachine for precision and control stitching and found a good deal now. The advertiser send me this photo of the motor; it's a clutch motor, he called it a 'leather motor' since it goes at about 1425 r.p.m. I have no experience with motors/electronics and could use some advice regarding this offer, or deciding to upgrade to a servo. I made the agreement that I can either buy the machine without the motor (and order a servo elsewhere) or buy it with, but it will have an impact on my budget. Will this motor be slow enough for my needs? I would like it to go stitch by stitch at times, I'm not at all interested in 'fast' options. Also I prefer the machine to be quiet, which I know a clutch is not. What is the aprox. value of this clutch motor (without machine)? Thanks !
  4. I've anyhow taken in account that I'll need a switch to servo. @Michieldo you know a Dutch servo dealer? Quick Google search wasn't very clear. Thanks all for your involvement it helps to understand this universe of machines! Does anyone have some insight on the Adler 167? Seems in great condition and a good price. I understand it's similar to the 67- series, what is the difference? Is it an upgrade? Thanks!
  5. and does someone know what type of motor this is? I've seen them often but don't really understand what it can be.. this one's from a Pfaff 138
  6. Ops having a difficult time uploading the photo's
  7. My current pfaff 561 works on variostop motor and pneumatics, though I don't have the lather option so already many functions are not in use. With the variostop I have the option of a threadcutter, but I don't have the option of lifting the pressure foot by pedal (=pneumatics) which is quiet essential.. Pfaff gives me just about enough doubts to consider this Adler It's not a question for this thread but would I be able to retain the option of threadcutter and add the pressure foot-lift by pedal if I change the variostop for a servo on my pfaff? I might just give the Adler a try, not much to lose and I received proof that the machine delivers stitches so basics are up and running.
  8. You're right! 67-63t. I'm looking at several different options, I must have mistaken the advertisements. Thanks for your opinion! What are your search requirements or just keeping an I on the advertisements?
  9. Woa you've come a long way then! The seller told me the 67 is in good working condition so very slim chance of hives and other surprises Though I prefer to be able to actually sew instead of waiting for replacement parts (it's what I'm currently at, almost 2 months have passed for my pfaff pieces to arrive.. Not so fun) and strolling the Web in search of manuals. Cleaning up the Adler would be a project to spare on costs of what a decent machine of this quality would cost me. I'm a newbie with machines but I am pursuing a career in bag making so hope to be saddled up and ready asap!
  10. The consideration would be spending $113 on this one, or use that amount to install a servo motor on my pfaff 561 with double feedt. The Adler has triple feed which would be even better for my purpose, but it only makes sense if the machine won't bail on me Edit: I just noticed this Adler has single feed, at maximum needle feed but waiting for the seller's confirmation. That makes it much less interesting to switch for me, I hoped to at least upgrade with this purchase to triple feed..
  11. Dear sewers, I've come across this Adler 67-73t with Ac motor. It looks in poor condition. Hence the price of $114. Would this be worth giving it a try? I'm aware possible replacement of parts can be tricky to find and are more expensive. The seller says it's up and running smoothly. Also will the motor be enough for my purpose? I will need the machine for sewing bags from tarpaulin, up to 4 to 6 layers at a time. Is this a servo of some sort? Will include a picture of the motor details in a comment. Thanks in advance! Ac motor Adler 67-73t
  12. Badem

    efka variostop troubleshoot

    true, though the Adler has triple feed, the Pfaff 'only' needle feed. I've considered the upgrade to triple anyway for the near future as my materials are all slippery and in times very thick to sew a multi-feed is a requirement. After an additional websearch I've found now also an Adler 67 - 73 for only $285 but with a clutch. Maybe get that one and change it to servo, which I can get for about $230. Is changing clutch/variostop to servo an operation I can do by myself or requires a specialist?
  13. Badem

    efka variostop troubleshoot

    thanks for your input ! Would you consider $800 a fair value for the Adler 67? The Pfaff 561 was only $343 , maybe better keep it and change it to servo? Ahh choices..