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  1. Maybe a bit late but those piping allow you to turn the leather, they act as a hinge. So sew inside out and turn. Hammer that piping to give a crisp edge. Bvdv
  2. Metric measurements, explanation in Dutch . Just shout if you need help . Bottom is flat no feet Bert
  3. I am glad you love it.Interior bag is Pigskin with 6 closing magnets hidden in upper croc Piece.if you want the main patterns give me a sign, I got ït in pdf or librecad. Bert
  4. Hello al, my latest project. A croc printer bag for my wife. Greetings from Belgium
  5. Very nice executed, nice stitching, edge work, .... Maybe a crease on the outside to be more consistent, just my 2 cents. Greetings
  6. Thx for all the reply's and kind words. Some of the comments are justified, but I have to say we had to follow a particular pattern. The one handle does the trick, no issues here. The fastening is another case, first of all the belt is 1.5 cm (3/4 inch) to long to be effective. As you lift the bag it opens a bit by itself. I am going to shorten it a bit and see if the locks hold. I also think the magnetic lock isn't strong enough a push button would be better but hard to close. I did discuss this with the teacher 2 weeks ago. He told me he wasn't behind this design but a co-teacher of him wanted it in the course. I am not for or against it, I just want fool proof bag designs, and this isn't one of them. For me it just was a good exercise to practice some techniques but the end product is useless in the designed state. As mentioned before I rework the closing mechanism to a working state. I keep you all updated. The course is only 1 evening every week so everything goes slow maybe I rework it at home. Greetings B
  7. Nice work, the problem is now you opened the box of Pandora. You will try other projects and before you know it your house is full of leather. Good job B
  8. I like it the way it is, nice leather, nice stitches. If I had to change something I would skive the edges, it will look less bulky. But that's personal. Great work. B
  9. Anyone knows where to buy these or something similar ? I like clean/simple/slim, not bulky or fancy. Preferably Europe to avoid custom but all hints are welcom. I need to make 5 old school bike bags for oldtimer bicycles. The photos are just to show the lock, I didn't make the bag Any help is highly appreciated. B
  10. I am a second year leather working student. I am no leather expert. The leather is unknown, I don't think it's the best quality.I bought it to practice, its cheap, It looks good but it's prone to scars. I don't care about the scars doh. I gives what they call cachet in French. It also learned me to watch out for scars. The lining is Grey pigskin Greetings from Belgium
  11. Finished my doctor's bag. I like critics, good or bad as long as it is constructive. Greetings B
  12. Next school project a domino bag. Some second or third class leather to practice. Greetings B
  13. Thx, our next project is a small briefcase. I follow leather classes for 3 months now (1 time a week 4h). I make a new post with the result. Btw the numbers on the bottom are for traceability. They were put there when they skinned the cow. Bert
  14. Not a fan of the camo either but the wallet is marvelous. Nicely executed. what is/are Funori seaweed and how do you use/apply it. Bert
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