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  1. @Mulesaw, I try it and post my experiments here.i had the same thoughts/idea, but this is some nice craftsmanship doh. I think they used 3 layers
  2. I'm sure, but how. you can't just take straight pieces. if you look closely you will see that the ribs stop at the top and at the bottom. there they transition into a flat panel. you also see that the edges are not arranged but turned over.
  3. Hello all Antoine have aan idea how to make those ribs in this bag. They are so elegant . Thx in advance
  4. For those curved shapes I use a snap off blade, where the blade can be locked like this. As for the blade I use the 9mm black 30 degree tajima. Be sure to take a 30 degree blade. They are much sharper and easier to cut curved shapes. There is a slight difference in sharpness between the black and the metal coloured regular ones, but not profound. The main difference is the angle of the blade. You can see the difference in the 2 attached pictures. Greetings
  5. bvdv

    Bridle and Reins

    No need to compete in price, you clearly win in finish and quality.
  6. I think it will hold, but a rivet add some bling .
  7. Beautiful, I think these will outlive you. You always pay a lot for good quality hardware, but most hard hardware can be reused. If you buy cheap mass produced rubbish you regret it in a few months. Nice work
  8. bvdv

    Glasses Cases

    try to thin an area on a piece of scrap with the french edger, then sand this area with rough sandpaper(80-200 grid). i think you will get more or less the same leather structure as the non "french edger" area.
  9. bvdv

    Glasses Cases

    hello, your stitching is certainly acceptable. What I would do is bring more consistency to the whole thing. some examples Photo 2 if you rounded the corners on the inside I would also do this on the flap, like the brown pouch Photo 3 the same here the bottom of the rectangle are rounded, but the top is not, however here I would opt for a round patch. This way this stitching will also look nice around your magnet. The same for the inside of the magnet, a round patch would look quieter than the rectangle in my opinion Also the thinning of the leather where the bend is looks a bit rough, maybe you can try to even this out by going over it with some rough sandpaper. These are my remarks, about taste, shape and color you can keep arguing ;-) Practice makes perfect
  10. Woow nice, did you remake the handle showing on the last picture to the one in the first picture?
  11. bvdv

    New wallet

    My wife and I are fans of simple Swedish/Japanese design.I appreciate the craftsmanship behind stamped and cut leatherwork as well, but it is not "our style." This is my first hand stitched work that meets my requirements. I had bought a chisel set but found the stitches too short together. So I made this wallet with an awl. The leather was first rubbed with 4 layers of vigenaroon and then with a product I found in our closet. It is a product that makes the leather a little softer but not really darker. You can polish your leather afterwards to a soft natural shine.
  12. bvdv

    New wallet

    New wallet, started from 4 mm natural vegtan. Dyed with vigenaroon. Greetings B
  13. Maybe a bit late but those piping allow you to turn the leather, they act as a hinge. So sew inside out and turn. Hammer that piping to give a crisp edge. Bvdv
  14. Metric measurements, explanation in Dutch . Just shout if you need help . Bottom is flat no feet Bert
  15. I am glad you love it.Interior bag is Pigskin with 6 closing magnets hidden in upper croc Piece.if you want the main patterns give me a sign, I got ït in pdf or librecad. Bert
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