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  1. Might I ask where there is a good die maker in Canada.? I’ve always used a company in Ontario but last time was not so great. I had a glove palm made and the finger tips were no where near round. They made a second at no charge and it was worse.
  2. Try cutting two layers. Perhaps some light card board on the underside. I had new dies made a year or so ago. Had the same problem. I finally figured out the more layers I cut the cleaner the cut was.
  3. What do you clean the needle bar with before applying JB weld? I have to fix a couple. Not sure how deep of wear is to deep. It makes sense to fix it while the head is apart.
  4. If the bell crank end is worn with a flat spot on it should it be replaced?
  5. Thank you Rob and Constabulary. For the help. I’d like to try to get a new part. If that fails I will try the JB weld. I’m sorry these photos are so small , I’m sure none of you can see the pieces well. i will also try some 135 needles and the appropriate thread.
  6. I did get the screws out of the thread spring in the needle bar. I have a new spring but the bar has a obvious worn grove from the thread. I have a spare needle bar but it is the same. Any comments appreciated. If any other parts look worn please comment. Thanks
  7. I could not remove that spring on the needle bar. I tried several small screw drivers. They have been a bit abused so I didn’t force them for fear of breaking them. I’ll try to take some low res photos and post. Thanks again for the tips. I will try your suggestions.
  8. I’ve got the head all back together clean oil and new grease. All seems smooth . It’s still not sewing well. The top tension is as loose as it can be. Bobbin tension is good. It stitches well on flat thin material. As soon as I put it under a load it skips stitches. I’m sewing a lot of synthetic leather in tight areas on hockey gloves. There must be instructions somewhere to reset all adjustments after a good servicing? I’ve checked the timing , tension, proper thread and needles. I even found some original singer needs in the shop! To eliminate an error there I put in a new singer needle. The stitch length adjuster was traveling so i checked the parts manual and righted that. ive sewn on this machine for many years doing the same jobs. it just doesn’t feel the same. It feels like the foot is floating and as soon as there is the slightest need to go around in a tight spot it skips stitches or it won’t sew at all. I’ve tried more pressure on the foot and I know to adjust the knurl nut to a lower setting reset the tension if necessary . I have put on a different but not new foot. getting so frustrated so I thought I’d try a thicker piece of leather. Changed all the settings required. Wouldn’t make one complete stitch! The strap leather pulls up with the needle. So I put some oil on the material no difference. Any thoughts are appreciate. i live in Calgary Alberta Canada cheers Elaine
  9. Thank you. My diagram is not this clear. I’m having an issue getting the foot bar in.. I suspect I’m just doing things in the wrong sequence.
  10. Thank you Jimi: I think I’ll need watch this a few times . Good Info . thank you for you help.
  11. Hi folks. I took apart the head on my 29k171. Just for service. Then I was ill for to long. Does anyone have a video showing the re assembly. For the most part I know where the pieces go. I’m sure there’s an order that makes life easier. i think my have the foot bar in backward. It won’t line up with the appropriate screws at the top. I have a diagram but it’s not very clear. Thanks in advance for any help. id really love to take the whole machine apart as it’s never been properly serviced. I can’t really see an serious wear in the head. Some amount on the foot bar where the stitch regulator sits. It was not sewing well so I decided it was time.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I have four of these patchers. The gibb on the new part is not curved as in your photo. So I took one off of another machine and it worked fine. Much appreciated Constabulary. Its getting and harder to find find new parts fr these 29Ks. i I need a new check lever tension spring. Any leads? I just bought the one I’m working on. The previous owner had the screw so tight it almost wore a hole right through the spring!
  13. Oh my I have a hard time with this site. Lol . I set the stitch regulator to the largest stitch. With the regulator on the bottom line. It creeps up as I sew. If I tighten it snug the foot will not lower.
  14. I’ve tried to set the satchel regular to the largest stitch. Wither the part at the bottom of the stitch marks. It creeps up as I sew. If I tighten it snug the foot will not drop. Suggestions appreciated.
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