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  1. Dufresne


    Thanks I will!
  2. Dufresne


    Thanks for the reply. I have four of these patchers. The gibb on the new part is not curved as in your photo. So I took one off of another machine and it worked fine. Much appreciated Constabulary. Its getting and harder to find find new parts fr these 29Ks. i I need a new check lever tension spring. Any leads? I just bought the one I’m working on. The previous owner had the screw so tight it almost wore a hole right through the spring!
  3. Dufresne


    Oh my I have a hard time with this site. Lol . I set the stitch regulator to the largest stitch. With the regulator on the bottom line. It creeps up as I sew. If I tighten it snug the foot will not lower.
  4. Dufresne


    I’ve tried to set the satchel regular to the largest stitch. Wither the part at the bottom of the stitch marks. It creeps up as I sew. If I tighten it snug the foot will not drop. Suggestions appreciated.
  5. Dufresne

    Landis 5 in 1 manual wanted

    Thank you! I will try them.
  6. Dufresne

    Claes shoe patcher

    Thankyou Gents: I will give these photo reductions a try!
  7. Dufresne

    Claes shoe patcher

    Thanks folks. I don’t seem to be able to reduce the size of my photos. To the Max total size!
  8. Dufresne

    Claes shoe patcher

    Pretty sure I have what I need. Thank you! I’m not sure of the rules. Let’s just say a kind member helped me out. I’ll be back for more priceless information!
  9. Dufresne

    Claes shoe patcher

    Looking for any help finding a repair manual for a Claes shoe patcher. Model 8346. 30 Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks so much for the reply and offer but I have the same. Lol For some reason I have to extend the tension discs as loose as possible to get good tension. I’ve tried the bottom tension adjustment to as tight as it will go. Replaced the tention spring, and scratched my head a lot. I have a newer machine so I’ve even tried matching adjustments. You probably know where that got me. Lol I will keep plugging away. My husband usually repairs our machines but his heath is not good and he is unable to help. We have a few singers and a bull sticher and a consew old flat bed. I’d best get my repair hat on! If I find a manual I will share for sure. Cheers Elaine
  11. Edited -- split off of Pfaff 193 arm shaft disaster. Started new thread. Hi Evo160 any chance you have a source for a Repair manual for the Claes shoe patcher 20 I’m happy to pay for one. I’ve looked but no avail. I have a German manual but I can not read German. I’ve purchased parts and installed them. The machine has not sewn properly since. Thanks
  12. I’m new and may be in the wrong spot  for posting. I need to purchase a repair manual for a Claes Shoe patcher.  It’s a model 20  brown . Anyone? I have the German version unfortunately I don’t read German. I’ve purchase new parts and installed them. The machine has not sewn well since.