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    Champion Sewing Machine Adviced Needed

    How has the machine worked so far?
  2. I was wondering if anyone owns a Champion Universal Outsole Stitcher. I recently bought one off of eBay for $40. Yes, $40. I got lucky on that one. Sadly, it doesn't have its motor but I can attach one. Anyways, I wanted to know a few specs about it and how to use it. First, does anyone know the dimensions of the machine? Like the width, length, and height? As well as the weight of the machine? I want to get it delivered to my workshop but I need the dimensions and weight in order to get a price quote for delivery. I would greatly appreciate the help. Second, this is the first time I'm going to use a machine like this. I bought it for personal use in shoe repair. Does anyone know how to thread and operate one? Your responses would be appreciated. Attached are the images from the eBay post of the machine.