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  1. Thank you so much everyone for your advice. This has def. been helpful and I'm going to check out both of them on Monday. The seller has both machines, so ill decide when I get there but I'm still leaning more towards the 206. Based on the photos of the heads, do they seem like they have a lot of wear? I know that you may not be able to say just by that, but any info is helpful. Thank you so much, Erin
  2. Wizcrafts - can I pick your brain? And ask what you think as well?
  3. That’s the one I keep leaning more towards. I like that i don’t have to lift it to change the stitching lengths. Does it matter which Servo motor I get?
  4. Hi, Im super new to machines. This would be my first one. I wanted to ask you a few questions. I signed up for leatherworker.net and have been reading as much as I could from there, researching what machine I want. The knowledge and responses here were so impressive I wanted to ask. I have an option to purchase either a Consew 226 or a Consew 206RB. Both are priced the same at $450. I make leather bags, purses, fanny packs, etc, around 5oz - 6ozish, stitching by hand. I do want a machine that can sew heavy duty leather incase I decide to go towards heavy leather for totes. I did see someone mentioned the 226 can sew up to 20oz, does the 206RB do 20oz too? Which one would be best? I’m going to attach some photos to show the wear. Thank you!!
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