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  1. Hi Thanks for the request and hope you find something useful. Don’t forget to check out my other posts on selling Craftaids and Midas Stamps. If you need any further information or photos of the items you like then I’ll be happy to oblige. Cheers Peter Leather books USA.xlsx
  2. Because of the number of requests I'm now selling my set of 125 Midas stamps individually. If there is a Left and Right design then these are sold as a pair. Please request my Excel sheet which gives an up date on which numbers have sold and those available. Thanks for reading. Peter
  3. Hi Paul I can help you with a few leather suppliers and besides Tandy who have moved up to Manchester a good friend of mine has a company suppling leather and tools to the saddlery industry. They are http://abbeyengland.com/ They have now their own brass foundry and produce an excellent range of brass buckles. Oak tanned leather - http://www.jfjbaker.co.uk/ http://www.sedgwickandcoleather.com/our-leather/provenance/ http://thomasware.co.uk/our-leather-process/ https://leather4craft.co.uk/ https://www.identityleathercraft.com/index.php/ They supply tools etc https://gdhleathercourses.co.uk/ Courses Hope that will get u started. Ive been involved with since the late 70's so I'm now down sizing. so check out my lists for anything that might be of interest. Send me a message if I can be of any further help. Cheers Peter
  4. Nice Job - Like the Yellow stitching against the black leather.
  5. I experienced that some years ago but in the end she was working with me. Cheers
  6. I have for sale over 80 Books and paper patterns for sale, bought from Tandy in the 80's. I'm now downsizing and many of these items have not been used. Mint copy of F.O.Bairds 'Leather Secrets' and' Design Artistry' are listed. 125 Quality metal Pattern stamps from MIDAS and some cheaper ones from IVAN (photo) Please checkout my other entries for Craftaid and Midas Stamps for sale. Doodle Pages mint and over 100 Craftaids . Also Tandy clothing Patterns for the Mountain man - unused. For the serious collectors a picture shows The Leather and Wood pattern books and Discontinued collectors booklets. Please contact for further information Packets show age related wear, but the patterns are mint. As you can see there are too many items to list in this forum so please send your email and I'll forward an Excel sheet with the list. Further information such as photographs can be sent so that you have more details of an item. Postage and package is at cost and will be calculated at your final purchase. Also depending on what insurance you wish to add on. Postage can be through our Post Office Service or by carrier. Whichever is the cheapest.
  7. HI, Has anyone else found a miss printed number on their Doodle Pages I have a 7D 2 printed with the number 6D 12 Cheers P
  8. Hi, Just found four books printed for Midas stamps in my collection. MIDAS MAGIC includes 48 Patterns for belt designs in colour complete and also showing in stages how they are best to be stamped on to your belt. The Midas Stamp album shows in 25 pages how many of the stamps connect together as borders, corner designs and radial designs. Midas Leather Carving shows the 9 majors stages of carving a floral design. Ideal for the beginner or instructing your pupils. Leather Carving the easy way shows the basic techniques in carving with 10 pages of various designs. Again ideal for the beginner or instructing your pupils. I shall be including these Books FREE with the MIDAS STAMPS I have for sale above.
  9. Political Party Craftaid no. 4115 An interesting craft aid I've not seen before. I have had it for many years, but of course has not been used as I live in the UK. As you can see from the photograph, the craftaid is slightly warped but I've been able to test it and make a satisfactory impression with a spatula. Would anybody like to make me an offer. I'll leave it up for awhile to give folks a chance to see it. I'll hold on the carriage charge as you may like some of my other craftaids I have for sale. Thanks for reading.
  10. Bad Luck - I think your only solution is to regrind the tip and then polish up with a fine stone, emery cloth etc. If you haven't access to a grind stone then check out your nearest auto shop, engineering fabricators etc. If they do a good job offer them a free belt. That may get you further business.
  11. That's a great looking bag. Lovely stitching - Well done.
  12. Looking good - well done - first of many I hope.
  13. Looking good - Nice Job. A decorative line of stitching in colored thread could be added.
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