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  1. I ended up buying this machine. Have home re wiring now
  2. Not a problem take your time. barnescoma@yahoo.com and thanks
  3. I have the whole machine. Had to take the head off the base to get it out of the cellar it was in. I would love a pic. And I have some docs and one of the military manuals down loaded to the phone. But paper in hand might be better
  4. How much . I need to start collecting.
  5. I maybe in the maket for parts soon looking at a 97-10 tonight
  6. Zorro, I live in NH and I am interested in the 97-10. I am not far for that location. When would be a good time to chat on the phone?
  7. I was able contact the lady that has the machine, as of Monday she still had it. They are located in Road Island and the State have been stopping and fining people form out of state on non-essential travel to and from the state. So until the virus scare passes i am not risking getting a fine in Road Island. I am just starting out making holsters and concealed carry gear. Would like to expand my capabilities into leather work gear for the trades and such. This machine is 3 times what i currently need but if the money is right I would be silly to pass it up.
  8. I messaged them to see if they still have it, might be a good deal
  9. Thanks been super busy at work and have not had much time to play in it
  10. Sorry i missed the reply I used to live in western Massachusetts but have since move to the sea coast of NH.
  11. Wish I was a little closer and had few more $ saved. It is the exact machine Iam looking for.
  12. Drafting table up with a template started Drafting table down made into cutting table.
  13. Last month I bought a house in NH and have been slowly moving things up from my old place. Couple weeks ago I got the contents from my leather working space in the spare room and have started getting organized.
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