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  1. I find the Black Crown Thread is great stuff https://blackcrowngarage.com/thread-shop/shop/ Hand stitching and on mySinger 97-10
  2. Glenn did you ever sell the parts you had?
  3. Yea I want to do that but it will take me a bit to get the ball rolling. but I will be selling parts for sure at some point this year.
  4. I can see smaller shops not wanting to do these parts as they are low volume and multiple set ups on each part if you don't have a 5 axis machine. Do you still have the drawings of these parts? If you can scan them that might shorten my design time.
  5. That is my plan. Working out how to get it done as effective as I can. Have to do my real day job first so I can live indoors.
  6. Mine was all gummed up and was lifting very erratic. I lubed it up each day that I fiddled with the machine and once it sunk in it stopped lifting all together. The set screw on the left side that controls the clamp pressure was not touching the block at all. I snugged that up and now it lifts around 1/8 inch above the material.
  7. Well I got the video of the new wireing and belt loaded up to you tube. I will try to do some more videos this week if I get time. new power and belt no head on base
  8. And that is where this came from. The man who had it before me was in the service for 25 years. He bought as surplus before he retired. I don't think he ever finished getting it set up and running.
  9. Matt I will try to do one this week. Might have to post it to YouTube. So I can link it here
  10. Agreed. I feel kind of lucky to be the owner of a piece of history.
  11. I lived in Shelburne until i moved to the last free state in new England. New Hampshire. Started messing with leather just before I moved. Now two years later picking it back up. This forum is great place to learn.
  12. I had only ever seen pictures. They don't really do it justice
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