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  1. coma44

    I made a braided shopper bag

    nice work
  2. coma44


    Great work, I hope to get half that good some day. I love the ostrich, how hard is ostrich leather to work with? Thanks for the inspiration
  3. coma44

    Quickie 1911 Avenger

    looks great to me
  4. coma44

    Dog Collars Using Angelus Paints from FrogJelly

    incredible work
  5. coma44

    My first real "bag" a toiletry bag

    Very nice work. I like the design also.
  6. coma44

    Newbie starts the first pattern

    Grain side
  7. coma44

    Newbie starts the first pattern

    And two medium coats on the grain side. I bought the regular (cheap) dye for my first several projects so the dye job might be better but over all I am happy for a first try. It won't let me add the next picture yet so more later.
  8. coma44

    Newbie starts the first pattern

    Then I put some dye on the flesh side or the inside of the holster
  9. coma44

    Newbie starts the first pattern

    I did some more work this weekend on the holster for my flashlight. Cut out the pattern for the front and back and then cut some leather. it is going to take some practice with the knife and I think some tweeking on the sharpness of the stock razor knife I have to help me cut smoother lines and curves. I have a good set of wet stones just going to make a guide to hold the razor blade at correct angle so I can Polish the edge to perfection.
  10. coma44

    A weekender bag I made

    nice work.
  11. coma44

    Flexi-Max? IWB

    This is a beautiful piece of work, and it is exactly the level I wish to get to some day. Thanks for sharing.
  12. coma44

    Newbie starts the first pattern

    That is a good one too. I watched part of it last week and forgot to get back to it.
  13. coma44

    Newbie starts the first pattern

    The "drafting board" is a 29$ cheap one from amazon it is a "foreign" A3 size board but that means it just fits the 11 x 17 graph paper. The good thing about the metric system is it is whole numbers no fractions to convert so it takes out a step. I am a prototype machinist so converting numbers is something I do everyday all day, it is now automatic for me. But doing this stuff I can see the metric system being faster. Less mental gymnastics on numbers means I can pay attention to the design and procedures better.
  14. coma44

    Newbie starts the first pattern

    I like that Idea as well. This place is full of people who like to think, and that is rare these days