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  1. coma44

    Contact Adhesives

    I see that Barge cement offers a thinner, guessing this could be used. I have only used small bottles of weld wood contact cement so far. Just ordered a quart to save money but need some storage jars with the applicators to help prevent the same issue your having.
  2. I like it. Once I get a pile I will have to do something similar
  3. That is where I may end up! I have a few different sized guns to try this with so a flat plate might be the best route.
  4. Guy I work with has a seecamp and wanted a better pocket holster. Figured it's a super small gun and would be a good starting point to put some ideas into fruition. Here is the front showing the spring steel strip that I intend on trapping between layers. Also want to try some "buffed" leather for the outer layer to grip the pocket. Here is the back guessing I will have to mold the first layer to the mold gun then glue on the buffed to make the gun not print in the pocket.
  5. coma44

    DVD of 160 leather books

    I ordered one. For the cost looks to be lots of information
  6. coma44

    Old Singer on craigs list

    Never got in touch with the guy who had this guess it is gone
  7. coma44

    Work Bench Lighting

    I am a Prototype Machinist as a day job and we use lights like these on a few of the machines that need better lighting than the "stock" ones Machine light They are not cheap but they work very well and there are tons of different ones, I think a spot style one like the link on a movable arm would be good for may applications even a sewing machine.
  8. coma44

    Work Bench Lighting

    On the lighting I got it can be move with just putting in a couple of dry wall screws in a different spot (for now) and yea if I get in far enough that I jump into a sewing machine (every used machine I find has been gone before I call about it seems like an omen ). I will be changing up the work space and lighting and adding a movable light, right now seems like saving up money and just getting the correct machine is the way fate seems to be pushing me. I have lots of things way more important than just a machine to sew with I just wanted one to start learning about them as I go so I always keep an eye out for deals. I have lots of pattern work and building procedures to get down and since a plan on doing mostly holsters I have been collecting mold guns here and there so I can plan out patterns "bases" for more than one gun.
  9. coma44

    Work Bench Lighting

    Agreed that i could use some paint, wall boards but if you saw what I was working in before this is a step up. One thing at a time and before you know it I will have what i need the way it should be done.
  10. coma44

    Work Bench Lighting

    I got two of these from Harbor Freight for 29$ each and they worked great for me bright and little to no shadow issues. Here they are hung up in my corner work space
  11. thanks I have ordered some lighter threat to try and I had watche some of Ian's videos but will watch again. Have only watche the first stitching video of Nigel and need to watch it again as well.
  12. yea I used .8 mill thread and the irons are 6 stitch per inch. Might go to .6 mill thread and or 5 stitch per inch irons. Not sure what would be best. I thought it looked crowded and knew I had to make a change. right now just trying to get consistent and smoother with my moves. I also did the Stolman method (or tried to) using the two needles on the loop of thread so there is 4 threads passing thru the holes. I used Tiger thread and that was much nicer than the Tandy thread or the Maine waxed thread I tried so far. To you what would be better going down to the .6 thread or the irons? thanks for any input.
  13. Iam still a complete newbie and this whole learning how to saddle stitch was kicking my arse. Since I made the dedicated work space last weekend I have been able to much more effectively spend time on the projects and it has sparked more intest on my part. This is so far my best effort at doing the saddle stitch as shown in the videos and in AL Stolmans book. I did screw up a few stitches and I should have started with the knot on the flesh side but once I saw it I was already 5 stitches in and decided just keep practicing and not worry about that for this run. Let me know what you think I want to learn correctly so bad habits are not my standard thought process. Thanks for looking and any suggestions
  14. coma44

    Old Singer on craigs list

    It shows the base unit in the pictures. So guess it has it as part of the deal. I am going to call the person on the way home from work to get details and see how much they know about the machine. And yea making a detachable table would be in order to expand the use of the machine past original design.
  15. coma44

    Old Singer on craigs list

    I should have said they are servicing the Amish, and some Amish have started to use the web. This is an Amish Store in upstate NY that we buy much of our food supplies from when we are out that way for Salmon fishing in the fall.