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  1. I was able contact the lady that has the machine, as of Monday she still had it. They are located in Road Island and the State have been stopping and fining people form out of state on non-essential travel to and from the state. So until the virus scare passes i am not risking getting a fine in Road Island. I am just starting out making holsters and concealed carry gear. Would like to expand my capabilities into leather work gear for the trades and such. This machine is 3 times what i currently need but if the money is right I would be silly to pass it up.
  2. I messaged them to see if they still have it, might be a good deal
  3. Thanks been super busy at work and have not had much time to play in it
  4. Sorry i missed the reply I used to live in western Massachusetts but have since move to the sea coast of NH.
  5. Wish I was a little closer and had few more $ saved. It is the exact machine Iam looking for.
  6. Drafting table up with a template started Drafting table down made into cutting table.
  7. Last month I bought a house in NH and have been slowly moving things up from my old place. Couple weeks ago I got the contents from my leather working space in the spare room and have started getting organized.
  8. Before I started down the road of leather working I bought a Hank's kydex lined leather belt. It is the best belt I own and when I make my own belts they will be kydex lined. Different than Hank's but lined with same idea
  9. Here is the sales pitch from the website . POLYAMIDE 66 THREADS Polyamide 66 Threads are made up of macromolecules with repeating units liked together by much stronger amid bonds (Chemical Bonds), rather than other threads that are held together by ester bonds. These threads show high elasticity more than normal polyester and nylon threads that are more commonly available in the market. Therefore they are more suitable to sew curved shaped pieces of leather, vinyl or fabric without any signs of ungainly puckering and corrugations at the seams. They have the properties of well wear resistance, high strength and controlled stretching, and are UV resistant, repel moisture and also color fade resistant. Due to these unique properties these threads have become very popular among various industries. They are preferred for stitching multi-ply leather gears and because the continuous filaments are tightly twisted and packed together. When in cross top stitching (French Stitching) the needle will not enter the center of the other top stitches and create a very consistent and uniform French Stitching when finished. So I guess it is time to just jump in and try it.
  10. Have a couple of projects in mind that I want to use heavy thread on and found this thread https://thread.blackcrowngarage.com/ I see they have some really heavy stuff. Any one here try it out yet? Any thoughts would be helpful
  11. Yea not sure I want to touch it. Seems like a money n time pit
  12. Add says "Chandler" but no model numbers any one here know what this machine actually is. https://newhaven.craigslist.org/tls/d/new-milford-chandler-sewing-machine/6990386393.html Chandler sewing machine
  13. https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/bfs/d/boston-pfaff-1425-walking-foot/6983617155.html Not sure what it would be worth but lots a spare parts
  14. So if it has a table but the clutch motor what do you place on it for normal value. I was thinking 350$ would be a starting point. But I am cheap.
  15. Agreed and why I bought it. Have the idea to make a shopping tote or two for my mom and maybe one for the girl friend if she behaves. So far I have tried Springfield leather , Montana leather and Acadia leather and all were good but I agree the Acadia has been a bit better for me and great to work with.
  16. Looks to have a clutch the switch on the table appears to be the clutch style on off and the ad does not say servo
  17. Well I found an ad for a 111W155 for 400$ running and can be tested.
  18. I will be doing the same. The seller seems to not answer questions so must have sold any way
  19. I love the look of this pull up leather. cheaper because of defects but I am still new so no need for fancy leather. Now to get to work.
  20. Each millimeter is .03937 of an inch. But as others have stated just get a metric ruler or tape and have at it
  21. I can see your point there. And this would be a cheap way into the machine world. I guess I should talk to the seller and take a ride to test it out. I was hopping to find a 111W155 to have the walking feet. But I could always resell this one if I find a better machine.
  22. Thanks. Little less of a machine than I want for the future, maybe I should just save up and buy the cowboy machine that will do most any project I can see my self doing
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