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    Wanted : Singer 111W drop feed

    You're going to have a tough time finding a museum piece. May as well buy a beat up one and respray it. The prep isn't too hard at all. I feel like almost anything you find that is in immaculate condition is going to be someone else's respray restoration anyway.
  2. tofu

    New to me Consew

    The Consew servo was pretty much the only servo with suspiciously numerous negative reviews. I went with the sewquiet and get stitch by stitch on my 226 if I tap the pedal, but other people like the familysew.
  3. I picked up a nice 226 but they resprayed the bed black. The machine is functionally perfect, so I'd like to make it look pretty. Anyone find a solid match for the hammered Consew grey? I saw another thread with a juki paint match, but I think juki has more brown in it. Thanks
  4. tofu

    Paint match Consew Grey?

    Wow that's exactly the info I was looking for. Would not have considered "bronze" would match grey. Thanks! What exactly is the front cover called? I can't seem to locate it.
  5. tofu

    7-34 Motor recommendation ?

    Did you even read what you originally quoted? Point out where I said it was wrong or "less than" me. I literally said it was a different approach, as you just agreed with. I don't care if you recommend two gerbils in a hollow flywheel Get off my ass with this nonsense.
  6. tofu

    7-34 Motor recommendation ?

    And treadles worked fine before clutches showed up. What's your point?
  7. tofu

    7-34 Motor recommendation ?

    well that's a different approach -- recommending a clutch over a servo. As far as servos, i tried the Rex version of the family sew that everyone recommends from Toledo -- didn't like it (thank god for amazon return). Bought the sewquiet and it's perfect. Better pedal control and i can do stitch by stitch without messing with additional pulleys. Considered the consew because i like having separate controller for top mounting, but the reviews i read on it were pretty bad, so I didn't bother. Not sure why everyone jumps on the family sew bandwagon, but to each his or her own. Maybe it varies based on machine.
  8. tofu

    Paint match Consew Grey?

    I was looking at the Rust-Oleum grey. Close enough but will need to respray the entire head. I'm also looking to buy the front cover (the plate you remove to adjust needle bar height), so if anyone has a lead on one, it would be appreciated. Looks like the previous owner cut one out of sheet metal and did a sloppy job. Thanks
  9. tofu

    Paint match Consew Grey?

    Thanks guys. It looks like the grey is the original part because the black bed wasn't done well. If I had a closer match to the grey I can just blend at the cut off line, as the rest of the head is in pretty good shape. I'll try what shoepatcher suggested and contact the paint co
  10. Just wondering if it's possible to convert a 2800 binder to a regular straight stitch like a 2700? Or is the machine pretty much stuck as is? Not sure if I can purchase the parts separately. Thanks!
  11. Can the 2800 use 335 parts? On one hand you have Ron saying it's a 335 clone, on the other you have Uwe saying "Techsew2800 is not really based on the Pfaff 335. I'm not what it's based on." This past month I've tried contacting techsew from their website, no reply. Tried contacting Ron on this forum about a week it so ago, no reply. --leads me to believe Uwe probably knows techsew products more than their brand ambassadors.
  12. Well that was easy. Thanks! Looks like it's out of stock. Time to check Alibaba
  13. disassemble everything? that's A LOT of work for a machine that isn't very valuable. i'd just sand the paint as best i could, soak it in solvent (replacing all non-metal parts), tape it off, spray primer, spray paint
  14. tofu

    1.5 amps motor on a walking foot

    Nice setup you have there. How does the pedal work?
  15. I don't know about you, but I can certainly feel, with accuracy, what angle my foot/ankle is in. It would be pretty difficult and dangerous to drive otherwise. I also imagine it would be pretty difficult to shoot if you can "hardly feel the position of your fingers, hand..."
  16. tofu

    Looking for Head Knife (starter, small)

    I've seen his name thrown around often. Either way, d2 is good. If the edge sucks, just take it to be sharpened somewhere. Priority is just having good steel and a shape/size you like.
  17. Not having too much luck finding an "intro" machine near NYC. Maybe someone here can help. Thanks! Chris
  18. Thanks for the clarification. I had no idea they were that heavy. I assumed they were in 335 weight class, which while it wasn't light, was still manageable.
  19. I'm confused about the machine's price point. It seems one could buy a powered machine for not much more, and just rig a handle to the flywheel for mobile usage. Best of both worlds.
  20. When all else fails, there's jbweld to the rescue
  21. I'll give it a shot on the next handle I make. I generally don't crease the handles, but I'll play with it. Thanks
  22. Speed reducers aren't cheap and they take up a lot of space. From what I understand, it's just a smaller pulley turning a larger pulley. Please correct me if i'm wrong. What would the difference be between using the speed reducer or just slapping a 3x larger pulley/flywheel directly to the machine? Do you not get the torque multiplication? Does it stress the servo more than the alternative? It seems large pulleys with proper bore sizes are readily available for under $50, while speed reducers are around $100-120. One could even 3d print a pulley out of nylon if he or she were so inclined. Best, Chris
  23. Your results are impeccable, but why crease after painting? I usually crease first, apply first layer, burn it down, sand, apply more layers, sand, etc ..