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  1. Sturmtrupp702

    Antique C.S. Osborne draw gauge

    I just bought an antique C.S. Osborne draw gauge that needs a new blade. Will the blade for the new 5 1/2" draw guage fit? Its #51-1/2B
  2. Sturmtrupp702

    White rotary

  3. Sturmtrupp702

    White rotary

    Thank you for the input
  4. Sturmtrupp702

    White rotary

    I have a chance to buy a white rotary for 50$ on table and it works i dont know the exact model i do know it has a knee bar would this machine be capable of doing a few layers of 2oz veg for making wallets
  5. Sturmtrupp702

    Few knife sheaths

    Kiwican i haven't tried hooking it to my vest or a pack and i didn't plan it to be its a cold steel spetsnaz shovel i love it i wanted one for the longest time and one day one of my friends surprised me with it
  6. Sturmtrupp702

    Looking to make a new table

    I built myself a new bench recently my original just wasn't big enough and honestly my new one isn't big enough i wish i would have made it deeper i use pegboard to hold some of my tools and i just picked up a small craftsman 2 drawer box to hold most of my punches and all of my knives and i have 2 shelves above with cheap harbor freight bins to organize all of my scrap and on the left side next to the legs i have a few pull out trays one for my thread one for edge paint and one for a box with all my sandpaper and sanding blocks
  7. Nice work is that a blackhawk? And over the hammer is that a small strip for retention
  8. I like the colors you used i do alot of brown with black edges and stitching myself and I like the button close on it
  9. These are a few of the knife sheaths ive recently made making sheaths os actually what got me started in leather Ill post more pics as soon as I figure out how to resize them