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  1. I hope that helps! Feel free to share how it turns out. I would adjust the stitching so it fits a bit deeper in the holster. There is enough leather to get it 1/4”-3/8” deeper. A metal clip would also be an easier option than the belt loop. I’ve carried this a few times now in the appendix position and it works pretty well.
  2. Hey Everyone, I just uploaded a new video where I make an IWB holster for a S&W model 642. I'm not a holster maker but I have put a few together for myself to conceal carry and training/range. It's not so much a tutorial as a general demonstration for those attempting this with hand tools. I did make a "rough draft" pattern and have included it as well for free (see it in the video description). I would modify it in the future to sit a bit lower. The pattern is slightly too long so it could handle lowering the gun 1/4" as is. I would have used snaps, but I did not have any handy that would work with such thick leather. Also I would like to try resolene as a finish but none on hand either. Instead I used burnishing agent on the inside and boot wax outside. The few holsters I have made seem to do just fine with the same finish. I may try to find some metal clips for future holsters. Especially if there is one that could reach from inside the pants and go over the belt? Anyways feel free to let me know what you think and I appreciate the support. -Bryan
  3. Welcome! There are a ton of good channels and you will find one rabbit hole after another on YouTube. Everyone has different taste and one style may fit you better than another. Rather than listing names just do a quick search. There are a lot of helpful people on this site as well. Good luck! -Bryan
  4. @Abdo I need to locate a source for a logo stamp. I’ll keep the letter set in mind. I’ve priced a few out. Noticing any more sales yet or to early to tell?
  5. BentleyLeather

    Plague Mask

    It does look great. Imagine the looks that would get!
  6. Thank you, I know there is plenty for me to still learn. I do not sell anything or have a site to. A stamp of my logo and a heat press would be nice though!
  7. Thank you! Any thoughts on this format vs my others? It’s been fun trying to learn how to video, edit, make templates and grow in leather working. Thanks Tom! I was shocked to see my error. -Bryan
  8. Hey best of luck! I think that is a great way to draw traffic and start a following / business. I think a ton of things go into the algorithm. You are doing something right in my opinion. Keep it up. My goals.. I’m starting off business minded but really long term. If things went my way I’d make a few bucks off YouTube and make/sell in small batches like limited runs of 10-20 wallets at a time. Not sure how that’d go over?
  9. I used something like 3/4”. No I don’t think anything will soften the noise up that much. You end up with a pop or a thud either way. A rubber mat / punch pad would help. I work outside a lot and in reality you can punch most holes for a wallet within 10 minutes. Cutting, stitching and edge work will occupy more of your time than punching holes.
  10. What are you wanting to make that might be a better place to start? As far as noise rivets are very noisy especially setting anything larger than#14. you could probably get away with a small table and get a small slab of headstone and use some rubberish mats for punching stitching holes. I have a set of the pliers that punch holes but I was never happy with them. Some people like the round hole type you might could use a chunky thread and hand punch? You could also mark the holes and use an awl. just a few ideas to ponder..
  11. Well it appeared the site was not uploading my topic so I kept refreshing and WOW I have posted this like 4-5x! Will a mod please delete so only one appears? Thank you and I do apologize for this error -Bryan
  12. Hey Everyone, I just uploaded a new video where I make a small wallet with a goat leather interior (Alan - chèvre sully and outer is buttero). This time I sped the video up by 2-3x throughout the video. I noticed not many people stick around past 2-3 minutes anyways so this one is slightly shorter ~7 mins. If you want to check out my other videos and let me know which style you prefer? I may do a long tutorial in the future? Open to any and all suggestions to make things as viewer friendly as possible. I am liking mixing things up as I have not nailed down "my style" so to speak. Overall, just enjoying making videos as time allows and providing some education / entertainment. Currently my job keeps me too busy to consistently make anything for sale but who knows what will happen in the future. Thanks, Bryan
  13. I think you are doing a great job. Your thumbnails are on point and you seem to be getting a lot of subs and views. Just comparing what I'm seeing on your channel vs mine since we both started about the same time. Are you more interested in drawing traffic to your ETSY or grow the youtube thing? I'm just trying to understand the click through, impression, traffic and watch time but it seems like my views are drawing about 2-3mins of watch time so about 28% of the actual video. I'd guess your videos are getting a higher % watch time and that is good for the algorithm as best I understand. You can always PM if you care to discuss this stuff in private instead? -Bryan
  14. I’m about 2hrs south of you. I’m on here off and on but you can send me a PM
  15. I was printing as a PDF all along but I was obviously missing all of those settings.
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