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  1. BentleyLeather

    Dopp Kits

    Those look really nice. Well done! His patterns are really nice. I don’t use the holes he outlines in them but I wish I had started out doing something like that.
  2. BentleyLeather

    Card Holders and Wallet

    I spent a few hours getting this together last night. First time putting in a liner (I used the spray glue from Home Depot 3m #77 I think that is correct) and a cash flap. Also the first time using 3mm / 9spi irons. Not sure how it will hold up? I probably should have cut the fabric back to allow the edges to burnish better. Not perfect and it has few little mistakes but it's all about learning. Comments and advice welcome. -Bryan
  3. BentleyLeather

    Card Holders and Wallet

    Thank you all for the kind words! Bikermutt07 - you always have nice things to say. Gary - Good ideas. I can start for free in a barbershop my grandfather but it’s limited as he is basically retired but opens 2 days a week. I’m around an hour south of Atlanta. That’s a good idea to save on shipping I travel to KY a lot so I’ll keep it in mind. I know my last order was pushing $35+ in shipping. The wallet is deep enough to hold the bills with plenty of wiggle room and securely from what I can tell. I have not carried it because I’m carrying one of the small fold over ones with outer in the Wicket and Craig that I lined with the Alran. Excited to see the patina. Another version would be to extend the back side and add a flap. If I get a chance I’ll try to make one soon. - Bryan
  4. Thank you for everyone that has helped me thus far. I am enjoying learning and constantly trying to improve. Here are a few pictures of some of the things I have been working on. I am getting better at "pre planning" so I don't make a stitching error but it happens... I'm slowly progressing to more complicated designs with more "T slots" / pockets. I am thinking about trying to make my own designs using Adobe Illustrator in the near future. A couple of things: Gravitating more towards Ritza Thread as well as smaller thread and needle (#4 JJ needles and 0.6mm thread); the white Vinymo thread is taking on some color change as I finish the edges. I do wax the vinymo but the verdict is out still. Also I am waiting on some Kevin Lee 3mm / 9spi French Irons. I used his 5mm Black diamond irons for the projects below. I hope the higher spi helps to take things to another level as far as aesthetics go. A side note to anyone who can help: What do I need to do to get to the point where I can sell a few wallets? I have made around 30+ wallets at this point and they are starting to pile up. I stopped giving them to my family because they do not seem to care. Also I am constantly "testing" all sorts of items I make and carry daily just to assess the durability. No concerns there as nearly everything has held up minus the first few items I made and I have corrected those errors. Ideally I would like to sell a few items either online or at a "hand made items only" craft fair about an hour from me ($35 booth fee). The cost as a hobby is adding up as well with upgrading tools and buying more expensive leathers in larger quantities. This would not be a career for me as I am very happy with my current career. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks for reading and any input. -Bryan Multi Slot - 1.8mm Wicket and Craig Russet Skirting / 1mm Alran Chèvre "Sully" in Marine / 0.6 Ritza Havana Cigar Full stitch Card Holder - Horween Essex - Gondor Brown 5-6oz / White Vinymo 0.75mm Folder Over Card Holder / One of my favorites the medium / soft temper works great- Horween Essex - Gondor Brown 5-6oz / Citrus Vinymo 0.75mm Wallet - Horween Essex - Gondor Brown 5-6oz / 3oz Hermann Oak English Bridle in Tan / White Vinymo 0.75mm
  5. BentleyLeather

    Small Backpack Pattern

    I know I don't have much of an iron to put in the fire with less than a year experience but take it for what its worth. My vote would be with the patterns from the 2nd post. Buy a pattern to start with and progress from there. I'm a pretty good DIY'er having made all sorts of things out of wood and a lot of other materials. Leather was and still is a challenge for me, which is probably why I enjoy it so much. How I layout, cut, stitch, finish, tools... Everything has changed from 7-8 months ago when I started. When I first started I made a few card holders and thought they were pretty simple and moved on. I recently came back and made a few more and what a difference time / practice makes and how you learn to change the order or your techniques. Regardless what you decide I wish you the best of luck. As a side note I may try to make this one myself over the next few weekends..
  6. BentleyLeather

    Wallet help

    I bought a pattern that measures about 3.25" x 9" and the interior is 3.25" x 8.56". So roughly 7/16" shorter. Maybe those dimensions will help you or give you an idea. Also the middle has about 7/8" spacing without any stitching. -Bryan
  7. BentleyLeather

    Help with type of Leather for a purse

    Sorry for the delay in my reply (work has me covered up) BUT Thank you all for the input. I looked around at a lot of sites and called WandC again to get another opinion. I will probably purchase some leather from Acadia soon and the buffalo has my eye as well. I ended up purchasing a side from Maverick Leather (Horween Essex). I hope this is not another one of my "there goes another $100" moments.. The leather looked good based on the website and the sales rep was very patient with me and put me on hold to get a side to confirm exactly what it was like. Hopefully I will get the order early next week.
  8. So I am looking to make a "tote" or large purse. Just a simple square shape around 18-24" and 4-6" width at the bottom and a square pocket on the outside. Likely unlined to begin with. To date I have purchased: Wickett and Craig (bellies in English Bridle and skirting) ; Springfield leather: ( "oil tan" all different types, veg tan in their line up as well as Hermann Oak in veg tan and English bridle) I know the average weighs for this project are typically about 6-7oz in weight or around 2mm in thickness. My question is what type of leather should I purchase?? I would like a veg tan based on my experience thus far. Just want to be completely sure what to buy or have done to the side before I put in my order. (i.e., pasted back split to 6oz, etc..) If you have ordered sides from WandC this would be extremely helpful. Open to all suggestions. Thank you all for you help!
  9. Very Nice. Do you mind me asking which machine you used and which one you prefer? It appears you have a few. Thanks, Bryan
  10. BentleyLeather

    Hello from Georgia

    Thank you for the info. I have some Hermann Oak 4/5 oz I may make a wallet out of tomorrow but honestly it's a lot thicker than 2/3 I also have on hand (one is veg tan the other is London tan in English bridle). Too bad they do not match up. Thanks everyone for the input! I am reading and learning. I used up some the last of some cheap 5/6oz and 8-9oz scrap I had on hand to finish putting this together.
  11. BentleyLeather

    Hello from Georgia

    Thank you for the compliment and for the advice (I have been trying this method but I still mess up a lot). I know I have a long ways to go in my learning. One or two clicks through the gallery and it's pretty evident that a lot of you have some serious talent! I keep thinking that a sewing machine would be a great addition but I'm not sure I could justify buying one right now.
  12. BentleyLeather

    Hello from Georgia

    Thanks Gary, What type of leather would you recommend that they sell and What Grade? My next purchase should probably be used for purses so I can justify the cost with my better half... My last few purchases were Herman oak veg tan in 8oz-9oz and 4-5oz but I have not had the chance to use it. I'm still using the last of some cheaper veg tan and various oil tan hides in order to practice.
  13. BentleyLeather

    Hello from Georgia

    Hello and thank you for the kind words.
  14. BentleyLeather

    Hello from Georgia

    Hey Everyone, New member here from Georgia. I decided to pick up a new hobby, as if the last dozen hobbies didn't cost me enough.. That was about 5 months ago. Looking back I should have probably invested in better tools from the start. I am slowly adding more quality tools but between life, kids, etc. it has been a slow go. Some of my struggles include: Picking the right type and weight of leather messing up stitching holes near corners (spacing ends up to narrow or far) Trying to stitch a welt in a holster or sheath (holes never line up or are crooked since I cannot punch through 3 layers) Buying tools that do not end up working for me when I should have bought quality to begin with A few pictures of what I have made minus quite a few things I have given to family and friends. Right now I'm mostly focused on wallets and a request for a large purse. I'm struggling with finding the right type and thickness of leather for these projects. Any Input is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Bryan