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  1. Tanja

    Singer 45K 89 experiences

    Thank you Wizcrafts! I will be on the look out for something like that then :-)
  2. Tanja

    Singer 45K 89 experiences

    Thank you all for your advice! :-) @ Matt, it was posted on the Leather Workers UK facebook page. She posted a fly press for sale but no other sewing machines. Aberystwyth is quite a drive for me but if I'm ever close i will definitely check it out. I think it might wait until I find another better suitable machine! This one sounds like a bit of a beast :-) Can anyone recommend any models that I should be on the look out for? Suitable for leather bags, straps and accessories like wallets. Thanks again for all your advice and help :-)
  3. Tanja

    Singer 45K 89 experiences

    Thanks Matt for you reply. I very much appreciate your help! I will ask the seller for details on the motor that comes with it :-) I don't have any experience with industrial machinery. I make leather bags, belts and small things like wallets as a hobby. I hand stitch larger items and sew smaller ones with my domestic Berina 730 record, which will skip stitches and shorten them when the thickness of leather changes. I've been playing with the idea of buying a machine that is capable of sewing a few layers of leather for my bags and perhaps shoes in the furture. I saw this advert coming past and wondered if this would be a good buy? As I'm a student I don't have a budget at the moment for a new machine. But perhaps it would be better to learn more about the different type of machines out there and wait for the winning lottery ticket :-) This is a picture of the advert I saw.
  4. Tanja

    Singer 45K 89 experiences

    Thank for your usefull reply Matt! In the advert of this machine the selller mentions that the motor is a bit old and noisy. Di you have an idea about how much a new motor would cost? What type of motor would I have to look for? Thanks for you help!
  5. Hi! I'm looking for some advice about sewing machines. There is a singer 45K 89 for sale relatively close to me. She asks 450 pounds for it. Does any of you have experience with this model of machine? I would like to use it for bags and belts etc. And I would like to try make sandals. Would this machine be suitable for this type of work? Thank you very much for your reply! :-) Tanja