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  1. I am going to visit Barcelona and Madrid for vacation soon. Is there any good leather craft store or leather supply market? Does anyone have any recommendations, please let me know! Heather
  2. I did. It turns out that they ship hides and other stuff separately. So no matter you order 1 side or 2 sides, shipping is always 18$, then the leather panels and hardwares are around 12$. Conclusion: order 3 sides is the best deal!
  3. I tried for several more times on Buckleguy: 1. When I buy 1 side only, shipping $18. 2. When I buy 1 side leather + 1 sqft of leather panel, shipping $ 30. 3. I added 5-6 hardwares, still $30. Not reasonable to me. I gave up.
  4. I removed all the 4 rivets and only keep the side, the shipping drops to 18. I guess I will take it. Maybe it’s cheaper to buy the hardwares separately.
  5. Do you use fedex too? I think usps is a little cheaper. Sometimes it’s tough to choose a website. Rocky Mountain is free shipping with US, but I think their leather price includes everything.
  6. You are probably right. I ordered from Springfield with a bunch of sides, it only costs around $15 shipping. They use USPS.
  7. I really want to try their buffalo calf leather and their hardwares. I ordered $70 goods and the shipping is $30... It’s not that far from MA to VA. Is there any replacement to recommend?
  8. Thank you! Can you make the drum dyed thinner, like 3oz? And excuse me, I am not a native speaker, what does “it will tool” mean? Thanks, I will explore more of their website
  9. Beginner wants to know where to buy colored and thin veg tan leather. I know Rocky Mountain but seems a little expensive. I tried Springfield but I think they only have original colored tooling sides. Just wonder if you guys know any other places selling dyed veg tan except RM. If not, I will go for Rocky Mountain.
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