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  1. miacova

    Suggest a first project for a beginner

    I drove by local tile and countertop installer and stopped in to see if he had any scrap marble or granite. Took me around the side of his building and said take what ever you want. found a piece of 1 1/2 granite about 14x14 had one unfinished side, when I offered to pay he just gave it to me. Another place to check.
  2. miacova

    How do you make a leather strop?

    Yeah, but what side of the leather do you stop rough or smooth? and what weight leather?
  3. Man that looks great!
  4. miacova

    Hello from Maryland

    Hello Greg! I am a newbie as well welcome!
  5. Ok, I have watched just about every how to make a leather strop video on youtube. Man what a nightmare. single sided, smooth sided, rough sided. Double sided with a smooth and rough side. white or green compound, oil no oil, and which compound on which side. What weight of leather? I just want to keep my swivel knife and pocket knife sharp. I imagine not everyone has the same preference but how about a baseline?
  6. miacova

    It's the flashlights fault!

    Thank you DJole, the Tandy leather shop I went to is the one out your way:)
  7. miacova

    It's the flashlights fault!

    Well, a while back I had to buy a new flashlight for doing inspections at work, the ThruNite tc12 I purchased came with a cheap nylon sheath that the Velcro quickly gave out on. I searched around on the web and local shops to find a better sheath for it, not finding anything that would work I started looking at some videos on YouTube, and decided to try my hand at making one out of leather myself. A quick stop on amazon for a cheapo leather kit, a trip to the local Tandy store for some leather. After many more YouTube videos I decided to try wet forming the sheath I wanted to make. So I made myself a ghetto jig with a old piece of PVC pipe and a 1x6 got the leather wet and cussed, swore and yelled at it long enough for it to mostly do what I wanted it to do. After it came out of the jig I managed to make some scratches in it with a swivel knife, beat it with some of the cheap stamps that came in the kit off amazon, put some dye on it and stitched it up. It turned out better than I though but laughable compared to some of the things I have seen leather workers make, it dawned on me I had fun making it. So some more time on the internet has lead me here, where I am sure I will ask the same newbie questions many of you have heard 100 times before. Lessons I have learned so far, Fiebing's leather dye does not go on evenly with one coat so a light brown ends up a dark brown and becomes hard as a rock. (I was told oil base Pro die is better) I need more light over my kitchen table, new eyeglasses because needle eyes are smaller than I remember, while saddle stitching if your needle catches the thread and you don't catch it in time you get to start over, it's best if I use a ruler if I want a straight line. And that comes to why I have joined you all here, I have decided to either enjoy a new hobby and/or punish myself at the same time, I am pretty sure working with leather will be something I will enjoy. The picture below is of the flashlight sheath ready to go on my belt. Thanks for having me Phil