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  1. Thank you so very much for the help. Could I trouble you one more time for a link or web page for the feet Want to make sure I get the right ones. Thanks again and am so Grateful for the help. Have a great day...
  2. Good afternoon everyone and Happy Halloween.. I am needing to get ordered some feet and extra bobbins.. does anyone know a good source. looking for Quality as I rather only buy once.. sewing machine is arriving on Saturday. happy dance.. Thanks for the help Excited to start
  3. Yes this is my first industrial Got it for $400.00 and just ordered the servo from Toledo So excited.. Thanks for the help with the manual Wow so Grateful
  4. will do everything you suggested. Thanks for the help Excited to start
  5. Hi JJN I double checked with the lady who is selling it and machine was serviced lazt year, runs great and looks to have a clutch motor Asking $400 Sent deposit Tried uploading picture but not luck Really got fingers crossed but looks to be in good shape. Is 8 hrs aways from here Will have nephews make sure it runs. Thanks for the help...
  6. I am wanting to sew leather bags and wallets. They would have interfacing and lining.. Would love to make classic doctor style bags and such..
  7. Good morning everyone I have a opportunity to buy a Juki LU-563 and wanted to check with you pros to make sure this would be an okay machine to start sewing leather and vinyl.. I can not afford to buy a brand new industrial sewing machine so figured I could start with this. Any tips would be great. Where can I buy different feet for it.. I am so sorry to bother you. Very nervous and excited. Have a great day...
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