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  1. GregS

    Need a little help to get started

    Check out the patterns part of this forum. There's some free patterns in there. Also a Google search for "free leather pattern" comes up with a bunch. I've also come across a couple of YouTube videos where the maker has the patterns available through the description.
  2. So I've just been doing some leatherwork for a couple of weeks. I've made a couple of items that use various hardware. I've used some Chicago screws, eyelets and snaps. The only local shop I know of is a Tandy store. I've been getting all my stuff from them. As you guys know, their stuff tends to be a little on the higher priced side of things and while I don't mind paying a premium price for a high quality item, I'm not sure that the quality of their stuff warrants the higher price. As I'm looking around for alternative sources for hardware, I'm finding that there seems to be quite a few different descriptions of hardware. For instance, Tandy carries Line 20 snaps. These are 11 mm across the cap. But as I look around, I find that "standard" size 16 snaps are 10.7mm across. Pretty close. I also see that there are things like 201 and 203 snaps, 201 are 15mm, 203 are 12.5mm. Modern snaps have been around for over 100 years. Isn't there some sort of standard for them? I haven't looked into eyelets, rivets and the other hardware and there is probably a similar issue with those.
  3. GregS

    I made a braided shopper bag

    Gorgeous bag.
  4. GregS

    "Must have" stamps?

    So, are you talking a carpal tunnel wrist brace? I've never thought of making one of those. A good friend has to wear one all the time and that would be a cool gift. Happen to know where to find a pattern? For what it's worth, I stop into Tandy every week or so to look around. I pick up a stamp or 2 each time I'm in there. I went through their web page and put the numbers of the stamps I'd like to get in Evernote. Then just check them off the list 1 at a time.
  5. GregS

    How do you make a leather strop?

    Very timely thread, I over think just about everything I research and I was about to post a similar thread, but decided to search first. Is there a "standard" when it comes to the color of the rouge that you guys use? Is white jewelers rouge?
  6. GregS

    Kids Belt

    Hank has a pretty cool belt.
  7. GregS

    Hello from Maryland

    Wonder if they make red snaps. ;)
  8. GregS

    Steps for wet forming

    Bowls, I've never thought of leather bowls. I'll have to take a look. I can understand how it would be extremely difficult. I have no plans on tooling a piece of wet formed leather, just asking since it came to mind.
  9. GregS

    Hello from Maryland

    I picked up some snaps and wanted to give them a shot. I made up a couple of earbud holders. Not really a lot of work, but I used my hole punches, stained the darker one and installed some snaps. My daughter loved them.
  10. GregS

    *Hello* from the Great White North

    Welcome. It's a great board.
  11. GregS

    Black watch strap with red stitching

    Nice looking watch band
  12. GregS

    Steps for wet forming

    I haven't formed an opinion on various dyes since I haven't done much dying. I just asked the guys at the Tandy store and they recommended Pro Dye. How about if I wanted to tool the leather and put on antique? I guess tooling would need to be done after wet forming so I didn't ruin the design. Can wet formed leather be tooled?
  13. GregS

    Steps for wet forming

    So being a newbie, I've done some cutting, stitching, tooling, wet forming, etc. I made a small pocket organizer for my flashlight, pen and multitool. It works for me, but I want to improve on it. Next version is going to be wet formed and dyed. But I need some help with the order of the steps I need to use. So the steps I think I need to do are cut the leather, wet form, dye, glue and stitch. But do I dye before or after wet forming? I'm using Fiebling's Pro Dye, if that makes a difference.
  14. GregS

    Just starting! Need input...

    Cool bag. I love the red tongue.
  15. GregS

    Hello from Maryland

    Cool, small world. So where do you get your leather stuff? Are there any stores other than Tandy in Essex?