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  1. I don't know where you get your Tri-bolts for these stools, but they are easy to make with minimum tools. I can show you how if interested. I know they are very expensive to purchase.
  2. Weather has been lousy so I just watch TV and play with stuff. Made this cross draw holster for my Springfield 1911. Liked the looks so much I made a set of grips to match. Holster is 4oz veg tanned and the grips are from some scraps of 1/4" Veg tanned. Don't know what kind of snake, I bought the skin online last year. Comments are always welcome.
  3. I had to remove his wife's seat and backrest to mount the Peppers seat. He told his wife to get her own dam bike, seriously!
  4. I do use this method on an old door, the only difference is, instead of the leather strip to stop slipping, I glued down an old sanding belt. Works for me.
  5. For something a little different, here is a knife with a rawhide and sinew wrapped handle, with a suede sheath. I also have a Birch bark sheath I made for a Mora 2000, one of several hatchets, and my 45 rig.
  6. Here are some pouches, wallets, medicine bag, and a stool.
  7. Here are some of the sheaths and other items I have made.
  8. You do not want to use a water based glue, it needs to be water proof. Even if the patch is sewn after gluing, there is a real chance the wearer will sweat or be caught in the rain. Any non waterproof glue will melt and make a nasty mess out of the hat. I would just use a small spot of rubber cement in the center to hold position and then sew the patch on.
  9. Pepper climbs up into her seat as soon as her jacket is fixed. She loves riding the same way my dog likes my truck.
  10. Many, many years ago I restored a 66 Honda Dream, sold it without even riding it. Not related, but last year I had a guy contact me needing a dog seat for his bike, he couldn't find what he needed online, so he asked if I could build it for him. After much thought, planning, designing and praying, he got what he wanted. A black leather seat for his dog, that fits on his bike. My biggest concern was keep the pooch in the seat when riding, so I installed dual chains and made the dog her very own leather jacket. Just about a year now and they are still cruising the highways. Oh, I forgot to mention, that Pepper, the dog, is a German Shephred!
  11. papadan

    KY Newbie

    Hello from freezing Louisville, KY. Names Dan, but I answer to most anything. Disabled old mechanic with too many hobbies. Love woodworking but can only do small things now, no furniture. Always liked metalworking, used to forge tools and knife blades, now I buy blade blanks or just metal blanks and heat treat after shaping. Knife making kinda got me into leatherworking, sheaths and such. Now I just do all types of hobby work with metal, wood and leather. I'll get some examples posted pretty soon. Glad to have found this site and hope you don't hold being a hill billy against me.
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