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  1. kyleboedeker

    Weekender Bag

    Looks good. This was the dieselpunk pattern, right? My zipper piece ended up too long as well. I ended up cutting it off.
  2. kyleboedeker

    Just ordered a hand crank CB3200!

    Haha awesome! You rock!
  3. kyleboedeker

    Can you run a cowboy 3200 on an old singer treadle?

    Alrighty. Hand crank it is. Can't wait for my machine to come in from you guys!
  4. Hey guys, I'm just curious if anyone has tried to run a cowboy or similar machine via a treadle? I just ordered a hand cranked CB3200, but it occurred to me that I have access to an old singer treadle that's in good shape. I'm wondering if it would be possible to combine the two.
  5. kyleboedeker

    Just ordered a hand crank CB3200!

    haha don't think she'd go for it. Maybe if I just put it in my leatherworking space she won't notice. She knows I had picked up that Tippmann Boss and that I was pretty unhappy with it and returned it, so I'm sure she won't be too surprised to find another machine down there. I was (mostly) kidding... through I will probably downplay the cost a bit. "I bought it on clearance!"
  6. Welp. I finally pulled the trigger on a cowboy. After 6 months of hand stitching, a couple weeks of messing around with one of those chinese patchers and a bought and returned Tippmann Boss, I finally decided to do it right with the Cowboy. I opted for the hand crank version for a few reasons. First it saved me about 400 dollars as well as much lower shipping costs. Second, I really like the control of the hand crank machines i've tried. Third, I don't really have room for the big table setup. I will mount it on a harbor freight grinder stand. Fourth, my plan is to start selling bags and wallets etc at craft shows around St. Louis and I am going to take the machine with me to set up and sew while I'm at the table. I think it will draw people in. Anyway, I called Bob at Toledo and Alexander at Solar and talked to both of them. Solar ended up being able to ship out the machine faster at around the same price, so I went with them. Now I play the waiting game and figure out how to tell my wife I spent 1800 bucks on a sewing machine.
  7. kyleboedeker

    Weaver 205 Sewing Machine, Complete with Stand and Servo Motor

    Where in IL? I'm in St. Louis and looking for a machine. I bought a Tippmann Boss over the weekend, but am not impressed and have decided to return it to Tandy. If you're close to STL, I might be interested.
  8. kyleboedeker

    First matching set, bag and wallet

    It has its own proprietary software, unfortunately. She used it to create a lot of the stuff for our wedding, but I haven't really messed with it much. The software is a web-based type app, but from what i've seen it's kind of like a lighter weight adobe illustrator.
  9. kyleboedeker

    First matching set, bag and wallet

    That's a good idea. Actually, my wife has one of those cricut machines. I bet I could design some stuff on there and have the cricut cut out some templates for me perfectly.
  10. kyleboedeker

    First matching set, bag and wallet

    For sure. I didn't take enough time planning it out. Just kind of threw it together. I'm very new at leathercraft and that is one thing I am learning - that I have to think ahead or my end product reflects my lack of planning.
  11. kyleboedeker

    First matching set, bag and wallet

    Here it is.
  12. Good god. Your stitching is leathercraft porn.
  13. kyleboedeker

    First matching set, bag and wallet

    Heh. I saw your post on reddit! Still love this bag and after seeing it I made one in a similar shape. Mine didn't come out nearly as nice. I should have sewn the gusset the way you did, but I sewed it outside to inside instead of inside to inside... if that makes sense. I ended up with an ill defined bit of hangover leather past my stitch line and looks sloppy.
  14. That edge burnishing! Damn! Looks like a block of wood. Good work. Stitching looks a little crowded though. I'd probably go down a thread size.