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    Blacksmith, knife maker, enjoy horse back riding, ham radio,wood working,hiking and lots of fresh air. Beginner leather worker want to learn as much as I can.

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  1. Talked to you briefly earlier today thought if I posted here it would make it easier for you to see some of my work. Just click on my avatar to go to my page.
  2. Welcome to the Form we are always glad to see new members, and their projects. Even more so if they're form the Emrerald Isle.
  3. AmyMarie, Sorry about taking so long to respond. But to answer your question NO, I have not had any problems with the black rubbing off. In fact I had just dyed some pieces for testing and when I saw your question I got a cloth soaking wet and started rubbing those pieces. I had a little bit, like very little bit mostly just excess pigment I think, but nothing like what you are describing. I am using pro-dye though, I do remember having a bit more trouble with the regular dye lifting off afterwards, one of the main reasons why I switched from the regular to the Pro-Dye. I also oiled before dyeing, hope this helps.
  4. Just wanted to say use the Pro Dye if you can, it is much nicer, better colors but more especially when it come to the Black! I started with the regular dye but I switched over as soon as I realized the difference. Just my two cents, hoping to save you some disappointments. And I am glad that you started this topic planning to two some black dyeing here soon myself and all this is very helpful. Good luck!
  5. Thank you, and yes that is a stacked leather handle on the short blade. Which is meant to be a skinning knife.
  6. Here are some knife sheaths I made 3 years ago, before I had gotten into leather work. Didn't have any stamps or know a darn thing about carving leather. Just needed some sheaths for these knives I had forged. Then I got my sister to add the burned pictures earlier this year. Please feel free to critique my work. You can also see some more pictures of them, with the links below. I will be trying to post a little bit more in the future, Thank you all for being so helpful all the time. https://www.etsy.com/listing/718301738/big-bull-heirloom-knife-recycled-brass?ref=search_recently_viewed-2&frs=1 https://www.etsy.com/listing/730012004/throwing-knife-2-inch-blade-burned-moose?ref=shop_home_active_1&frs=1
  7. If I could ever do something like that you would there my buttons from there as they burst off my chest. I mean WOW Oh WOW!!!! just beautiful work.!!!!
  8. Have any of you ever ordered from Weaver Leather Craft? I came across them the other day and was just wondering. They also have good videos, google Weaver Leather Craft youtube.
  9. I feel just the same Jerry about using the less expensive leathers first well I learn how to do My part of it. I also buy from Tandy Leather and I can't say I've seen really poor quality yet although that could just be inexperience . I mean why learn on the high price stuff when I can ruin a low-price piece just as well and I don't feel as bad about it, but the again if a poor piece of leather caused my project and hard work to be wasted I most certainly not be happy about it. Oh, what beautiful piece that is wish I could do that!!! And remember this is natural materiel your working with so looking different is ok it's not wrong it's just unique.
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