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    Blacksmith, knife maker, enjoy horse back riding, ham radio,wood working,hiking and lots of fresh air. Beginner leather worker want to learn as much as I can.

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  1. TheNorthldahokid


    If I could ever do something like that you would there my buttons from there as they burst off my chest. I mean WOW Oh WOW!!!! just beautiful work.!!!!
  2. TheNorthldahokid


    Have any of you ever ordered from Weaver Leather Craft? I came across them the other day and was just wondering. They also have good videos, google Weaver Leather Craft youtube.
  3. I feel just the same Jerry about using the less expensive leathers first well I learn how to do My part of it. I also buy from Tandy Leather and I can't say I've seen really poor quality yet although that could just be inexperience . I mean why learn on the high price stuff when I can ruin a low-price piece just as well and I don't feel as bad about it, but the again if a poor piece of leather caused my project and hard work to be wasted I most certainly not be happy about it. Oh, what beautiful piece that is wish I could do that!!! And remember this is natural materiel your working with so looking different is ok it's not wrong it's just unique.