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  1. 10Thumbs

    Back braiding

    I make my leashes with round braid, and when I get the length I want, I convert over to flat braid. I make the flat braid about 1 foot long and come back to my round braid and work the ends in to the round braid. I go for 4 "unders" to make sure it is secure. I put a cover knot over it (4 bight 11 part with a herringbone interweave), but that's more cosmetic than structural (I believe). If you go at least 4 'unders' and make it look good, you probably don't need to make a knot (unless you are already good at it), and I believe it won't be the weak spot in the setup! Mike
  2. 10Thumbs

    9 Strand Flat Braid

    I note several folks looking for something to make with this braid. I have made several hatbands with both the 9 and the 7 string version of this braid. If you make a braid with 3/32" lace, to about 30" long (strings to be ~1.5X finished, length) you can put a little ring knot near each end and let the end be a fringe. Then just put a nice little tack pin like a Texas Lone Star to hold it together where it crosses itself and you're done. Several years ago, I was selling these faster than I could make them! Try using 2 different colors of string, and if you move the colors to different spots, you will get a different pattern too. Mike