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  1. SalesZackWhiteLeather

    Glove Snaps vs Segma Snaps

    Yes, we ship internationally! Thank you for pointing that out so we can update it.
  2. SalesZackWhiteLeather

    My first leather project

    Amazing work!
  3. SalesZackWhiteLeather

    Glove Snaps vs Segma Snaps

    We get a lot of questions regarding the differences between our line 16 Glove and Segma snaps (B0162 and B0163 respectively). There are a couple differences in the two snaps: The button studs are different sizes. The Glove snap is #21 and is the smaller of the two, and the Segma is a #22. The length of the flange is different. For the Glove, 0162, the length is 1/8”, but for the 0163 Segma, the length is 3/16”. The length of the segma is the reason this snap is used primarily for belts. The 0163 Segmas have a “finished” cap on both sides of the snap, while the 0162 only has a finished cap on the front side. They require different setters. Glove snaps need #8103 Segma Snap Setter, while the Segma needs #372768 setter.