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    I'm a Texas Master Naturalist, an block print artist, and a fledgling leather worker interested in bags, holsters, and sheaths.

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    Braiding, Honing my Basic Skills
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  1. @toxo I would LOVE to use something like this. But I cannot find anything large enough for my purpose!
  2. I've made some 8 strand round braid with a core handles (photo attached) and I'd like to attach them to bags... Should I just attach them akin to the same most common way people attach rolled handles? Except with a braided handle I would need to fabricate the folded pouch/flap section and glue and stitch the braid in the back part of the pouch (so you couldn't see the stitched from the front) and then sew the pouch/flap to the bag? I've seen smaller metal cup situations, where the braid is glued into a metal cup that has a clip on the end, but they are all too small and I don't trust the weight of a larger bag in that situation... OR I know there are braiding techniques, such as starting the braid on an o ring or similar hardware... but I haven't found an easy explanation how to replicate that on the other end. I've read plenty about back braiding, and terminal knots, or ADDING a terminal knot over the end of the braid, but I cannot yet seem to get a grasp on the process. I own Bruce Grant's Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding, and that is what I have used to teach myself the round braid and others, but I cannot seem to figure out what other technique to begin and finish in order to make attachment to the bag (with readily available hardware) easiest with the cleanest finish... and possible in chrome tan leather and not rawhide. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! *especially if you can provide a photo, or a page number in Bruce's book... Thank y'all so very much. This site has been a joy to peruse and learn from, and that's due to the great work of it's members! Charlesanne https://imgur.com/foSKNpB
  3. I have a client who loves the color of Autumn Harvest from Acadia Leather, but she doesn't like that it's pull up. https://www.acadialeather.com/product-page/autumn-harvest-5-5-5oz So, I'm looking for something that's in the same color family, and if it could have a pebbled texture, that would be even better. Any have any suggestions? Thank you, Charelsanne
  4. Oh, that cobra 4. If only texas were closer to Pennsylvania! Good luck with everything!
  5. Thank you, everyone! @wizard of tragacanth, I'm not looking for anything specific, I've purchased from Tandy, Buckleguy, etc. and was just putting this out there to see if anyone had any shops they'd like to promote or recommend. I'm always looking for new suppliers, ma and pa shops, or independent artists to support!
  6. I’ve ordered one offs online, bought from Tandy, Hobby Lobby, private sellers on Etsy, but I’m looking to branch out! Anyone have any suggestions?
  7. That is a thing of BEAUTY! I’m so excited to get it to its new home! Thank you, sir!
  8. I’d like to use this braid as the stitching on a tote and am trying to figure out how to go around the corners and the best way to end the braid. Thank you in advance for any advice! charlesanne
  9. @LatigoAmigo Thank you so much for your response! I can make the lace as thin as needed. I can split the laces or skiv the edges of the panels if I need to. The lacing I already have cut is 3/16”, 3mm thick and beveled on both edges I’m not sure if I’m getting it right past the number 6 part of plate 121. All Bruce says is “the sequence from then on is clearly demonstrated in the panels.” What I seem to be doing is then, after coming through hole 8 from the back, the string goes under three of the back side strings, through hole number 5 (back to front) and then under, over, and under the next three and through hole nine (back to front) and repeat. I have ZERO CLUE if that is right! I’d eventually like to be good enough for the holes to not show. Here are two photos of a practice piece. I worked from left to right with the flesh side up, just bc that’s how I had the holes punched. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tLWyX30m7sSPBcOGwY_nYGAVELhgxn5i/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z-1W0vWSubeZ5zt-9DFBv7yIoo5Uyb9J/view?usp=drivesdk
  10. I’m trying this braid and I’m really confused. I’m joining the edges of two pieces of leather with this braid and I want it to look good with an 8 strand around a core herringbone braid handle. The herringbone braid is made up of 3/16 stands. I was thinking about using the same size for the edge braid, or should I use a little smaller? Also, I’ve read the “if your strand is 1/8”, your punched holes should be 1/8” from the edge and 1/8” apart.” Is that from center to center or near edge to near edge? And what size hole should I punch for my 3/16” strand? Is there a chart with that info out there somewhere? Thank you everyone! Charlesanne
  11. I’d love something old and loved well. I’ve got small(ish) sized hands and would love something sized a little more toward the ladies.
  12. Is this still for sale? If so, what are the measurements? Thank you!
  13. This is a 6 strand around a core. The first photo (white background) is after one attempt at tightening, the second (with the grey and purple background) is after another attempt. I feel like I’m not getting the hang of tightening correctly. I tend to pull to the side and back a bit and end up with a few small gaps, so I went in with a fid to try to tighten it up and it looks worse. Is there a process to tightening like that? A pattern I should follow? Do you braid a few rounds and then tighten or finish your braid and then go back and work it over? I’ve been using Fiebing’s white, but I’m not sure if I’m applying it correctly. Everyone seems to have a different process. I’ve been wetting my strands and then dragging them between the soap and my thumb, then working it in while stretching each strand. But I’m afraid that’s ending up with too much soap. I just wet a cloth and rubbed down my handle and it foamed. I tried rubbing it down with a cloth and all I seemed to do was rough up the beveled edges. Also, with these strings, I cut, then beveled, then split. I probably should cut, split, THEN bevel, yes? I’m working with a LaceMaster. This is a 5-5.5 oz crazyhorse, split down to about a 2.5 mm thickness.
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