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  1. Yes, sure. But I already took a close look and some does not have any… As said by @Constabulary probably custom made.
  2. Upholstery, according to the people I got the machine from. It originally belonged to a far relative, who died about 20 years ago. They have now decided to sell the house and everything had to go. Yes, I have been lucky on this one ! I am very happy !
  3. Attachement N1. It looks like it has to go under the foot... with what looks like a needle hole in the center But I might be wrong. I really need your help on this one. Top Bottom : Side view : Attachement N. 5 This one looks like a piping maker from my understanding. You put a string in the center, and you wrap a piece of leather around and voilà ! Foot N7, any idea ?
  4. I found a 45k this weekend and its drawer was full of things ! I wanted to share with you and I will also need your help to identify and use some of the attachements it came with. It came with a roller foot too ! Several hooks and shuttles and some Pfaff feet too... I have not yet started to clean it, just took of the front plate and shuttle race and shuttle and hook in order to prepare it for a good clean. Here are the attachements (I will have to clean, derust, etc) I know Number 2 is a binding attachement because I have found previous topics here that talked about it. But Number 1 and 5 are more mysterious to me... So does one of the foot too (7). Some close up pictures to come ! And the fun part, the badge above serial nb says "Rental machine, unseizable and non-transferable property of the Singer company"
  5. Sorry for late answer, I have been away for a few days. So I compared both machines and the bushing is moving on my 132k10, in both direction, when gently taping on it, once screw #4 is loose. There isn't any second screw. The second hole is where comes the bobbin case retainer ratchet I had to remove in first place in order to access screw #4. Both machines are identical twins for this mechanism. So my guess is @Constabulary is right, probably some rust I will have to stress with heat to unlock that bushing. I'll try that and keep you informed.
  6. That's funny because I bought this foot a few weeks ago and I think it can be very handy in some situation where you have to get very close to a D or a belt buckle or a ring, that kind of thing. I put it on my Mitsubishi DU-105 without any modification and gave it a try this morning, see below. I found it on Ali and did a combination of the "Short head foot" small foot here : https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/4000937997235.html? And the "Horseshoe foot" that can be found there : https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/32962189517.html? Works like a charm.
  7. @Constabulary Thanks, I am not sure I'll be able to apply heat in a good way, I'll be afraide to over heat. I did use a larger splint among all my different atempt, unfotunately with no luck... @RockyAussie That's definitely the easiest solution and I thank you for providing it ! I will use it in last resort because I don't feel very confortable with the idea of altering an oem part
  8. Dear @Constabulary, thank you for your help. I have done as you say and it does not help, that bushing still won't move. I put plenty of WD-40 on it, I used a brass tube to tap on it, no success. There is no collar on the left, no collar on the right, appart from the one at the other hand of the shaft, near the gears, see pic. But I believe this one is to prevent the shaft to move to the right. There is the shaft end, with the bushing once the hook is removed. That's the other end of the shaft, with a collar That's the right side of the bushing
  9. OK, I gave it a try and succesfully removed the bobbin case retainer ratchet, and that allow me to access to screw #4. Bu once untight, nothing moves... I don't know what to do next. I have gently tried to tap on it in order to unlock things but nothing moves... And I am scared to bend something if I go harder on it Is it supposed to slide, or unscrew ? I don't know how to move this bushing...
  10. It's me again. I could not resist and brought home that old lady from 1925. I found very few litterature on 132k5. I have a 132k10 so I have been able to compare and there's very little difference between them. Hook and shuttle are different, even if based on the same system. I am having a hard time with it. I followed the attached, in order to time the machine and I have been able to moove the hook so it meets the needle at the right place, on the right time. But, needle is too close from hook and is pushed every time the hook is passing by. I need to move it to the right in order to have enough clearance between needle and hook. I just can not figure out how to do that. I can move it to the left, but I did not found a way to move it to the right. English is not my mother tongue and the following instructions aren't clear enough for me to succeed... Can someone here help me ?
  11. Dear @Constabulary this post is so interesting ! it’ll be great if you could do, one day, a step by step tutorial to unmount and remount a 45k. Unless such thing already exists ? I fear to do it by myself, I am so scared I will never be able to reassemble it… By the way, I have to post about my mistery 45k mill machine (darning) : it has a feed mechanism and a stitch lenght adjuster even if there is actually no feed dog. The serial is not a Singer one, neither the plate. But parts are definitely Simanco I think it might interest you and probably @Jimmy too
  12. Brilliant ! @SARK9 could you please explain the modified shaft, as it is not clear for me how to built it and how it works
  13. Edit : I've redone my test because I realised that the Schmetz needle was not facing the hook... It was slightly turned (it probably moved when I secured the screw) and 214x2 needles are definitely working with 132K10 which is supposed to take 216x1 I have tested from 200 to 250 with success Smaller needles won't catch the thread but I guess this is normal, you're supposed to adjust hook/timing with such a difference in needle size.
  14. Hello All, OK, back to an old thread. If I am not wrong, 214x2 is similar to 214x1 but with leather point (LR) Well I tried both in my 132K10 and it does not work with 214x2... The hook does not catch the needle thread. I did photos to compare, needles'top anatomy does not look similar at all Singer original on the right - It is shorter - playing with the needle bar height won't help
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