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  1. Brilliant ! @SARK9 could you please explain the modified shaft, as it is not clear for me how to built it and how it works
  2. Edit : I've redone my test because I realised that the Schmetz needle was not facing the hook... It was slightly turned (it probably moved when I secured the screw) and 214x2 needles are definitely working with 132K10 which is supposed to take 216x1 I have tested from 200 to 250 with success Smaller needles won't catch the thread but I guess this is normal, you're supposed to adjust hook/timing with such a difference in needle size.
  3. Hello All, OK, back to an old thread. If I am not wrong, 214x2 is similar to 214x1 but with leather point (LR) Well I tried both in my 132K10 and it does not work with 214x2... The hook does not catch the needle thread. I did photos to compare, needles'top anatomy does not look similar at all Singer original on the right - It is shorter - playing with the needle bar height won't help
  4. Hello, Anyone ? I am about to order some needles but I am not sure what maximum size I can take, regarding this unusual serial number. Do I have to take that B letter as the model reference ?
  5. Hello, I recently came across this antique Pfaff 142 and took it back home. I wonder what its letters/numbers mean : 142VR113B S https://photos.app.goo.gl/xnnnqCA96Wn1wyBL9
  6. Hurray ! She's fixed ! After having replaced screws and shuttle, I finally succeeded in timing the 45K25, she is now working like a charm ! I am so happy ! Thank you All for your help and support, and for the fabulous information I always find here !
  7. @Constabulary Thank you very much ! I will, in case the screws I have oredered locally does not fit on the machine. I will keep the post updated because anyway I still have my timing issue.
  8. @jimi you’re the best ! #453 is the one ! Thank you very much !
  9. @shoepatcher When you say screws are available in generic, would you please provide a link so I could check the type of screw I have to look for here in Europe based on your link ? For the other screw, I unfortunatelly didn't succeed in finding it's part number... I hopefully found a local provider for the other parts (shuttle and foot) So I will update here when I'll get them
  10. @jimi Thank you very much ! She's trully a beauty indeed ! I think you are right, it came with that foot mounted on it but I noticed it was different from the one usually seen on 45k and identitical to the one that was mounted on the 132k10 ! I am curently trying to get the right foot. That was the only foot that came with the machine. But I believe I will have the same timing problem with original foot, I think my needle is going far too low @shoepatcher Yes, definitely, these screws need a replacement. Original part number for needle bar clamping screws is #158 but I believe #145, #127 or #141 could also do the trick. I am having a hard time to find them somewhere in Europe... I am still trying to figure out what part number is the shuttle driver screw, because I have no blueprint for 45k25
  11. The shuttle itself is damaged, I have ordered a new one. I made a video showing the issue with the presser foot up : https://photos.app.goo.gl/5SQ6Nz6mTpX5pRYU8
  12. Hello Jimi, Sure ! Here are some pictures : Lokks like I can't put more media
  13. Dear All, I recently bought that machine (in a lot with the 132k10 I mentionned in another post) and I am having a hard time with it. I have a timing problem, which I tried to solve using the great following post : https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/62477-directions-for-timing-a-singer-45k25/ I first tried to time it by moving the needle bar, but when done, I have two issues : - The hook seem a little bit too much far on the right of the neddle to catch the thread - The needle can not achieve a full revolution with the presser foot up : it's blocked in its way down, by the presser foot I then thought I need to move the shuttle in the right position by loosening the screw where the shuttle driver attaches to the back end of the shaft but I was not able to turn the shuttle by hand, it does not move at all Last but not least, both clamp screws and shuttle driver screw are in a very bad condition (head is damaged), making them hard to loosen or tie, making the whole process even much more complicated for me ! I guess someone else before tried hard to fix the machine and baddly damaged these screws Any clue where I could find spare screws in Europe ? Thank you very much for any help and support, I would really like to have this beauty back to work
  14. Dear Constabulary, Thank you so much for your answer, I'll take a look at it. My K10 does not have the roller foot, so I guess it's not in its original setup. Here is a picture of the presser foot I bought the machine with :
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