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  1. Hi Trox, I recently bought PFAFF 345-H3-6/01 CLN. I saw the post that you answer and help other people and also share the service manual of PFAFF 345. If you don't mind, could you share it with me please? Thank you so much for your help.

    1. Trox


      Hi Sorry for the late replay. Here is a download link to my 345 manuals https://rushfiles.one/client/publiclink.aspx?id=vB1eMYTR8R

      Good luck


      (link is valid 30 days)

  2. Orrrmygod

    Need Help On Pfaff 345-145

    Hi Adi, would you mind the share the service manual with me too please? I recently bought PFAFF 345-H3-6/01 CLN. Thanks
  3. Thanks a lot guys, I took the machine to mechanic this morning. I can’t wait to get the machine back and start to make something soon. Check out attached photo, my hand stitched wallet.
  4. Hi Wizcrafts, FYI I recently replacing the motor and speed reducer. Please see attached. I hope they are not causing the problem. (There’s no belt when I took the photo.) I’ve been using it and working quite well.
  5. Look like mine (PFAFF 345H3-6/01-CLN) doesn’t have safety clutch or might be in different position. It’s quite different from the movie below
  6. Umm I have no ideas where are tip of latch, groove, clutch bushing and the spring.
  7. Oh Thanks Scoutmom 103, this is might be the way to slove the problem. I don't understand this exactly "until the tip of the latch is positioned exactly above the groove in the clutch bushing. Now push back the spring loaded pin ..." but I'll give it a try.
  8. Hi Guys, I just took the Bobbin out but the middle screw is too tight so I can't pull the pin out. Please see the videos attached. Top.mp4 >> I used hand to crank - you can see the gear at the bottom moved but not the pin. Side.mp4 >> I move the pin by hand and I can see the bottom gear move but not engage with the main gear (that need hand crank) Anyone familiar with this problem please help. Thanks a lot. top.mp4 side.mp4
  9. Hi Constabulary, I'm very new to sewing machine and have no ideas that thread go over bobbin is wrong way. I would love to adjust the machine to the right setting so that it's not go over bobbin but not sure how to do that. Could you tell me how to do it please? The thread size i'm using is 138 which should be fine for this machine.
  10. Hi Mikes, there’s no thread under the bobbin. I think the safety clutch might popped. ( hopefully I didn’t break anything)Do you know how to fix it with cylinder machine. Should I take the rotary pin out? Is it the plate underneath? Thanks
  11. Hi Wizcrafts, please see the video from the link below do you think the plate underneath rotary pin is safety clutch you’re talking about? I might try to take it out and inspect.
  12. Hi Wizcrafts, would you mind to circle the photo attached to where is the button you talking about please?
  13. I took the bobbin out and yesterday and nearly take the hook out but I’m afraid that I cannot put it back again so I didn’t. Where is the botton on the bed of machine? Inside the hook plate? Could you explain a bit more detail please? Thanks
  14. Thanks Mikesc, but now is a bigger problem, the thing that spins around the bobbin (Sewing hook?) is now not moved anymore. I rethreaded the machine and did some test but there's some thread stuck at the bottom after that, so I tried to cut and pull them out. I tried to take the bobbin out to check but can't see anything. I'm not sure if the cog at the bottom is the problem.
  15. Hi Guys, I've read the previous post and I think this might be the problem, see attached.