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  1. You might check out this link. Looks a lot like your machine.
  2. Egits

    Added steel ruler to my patcher.

    You can't tell due to the lighting but the measurement scaling is black and easty to see. I used the HF ruler because of the poor quality of metal. It bends pretty easy. Higher quality ruler most likely would be hard to shape/bend due better steel.
  3. Egits

    Sewing Equip.

    My cleaned up/turned Chinese Leather Patch Machine. Made a few modifications and place it onto HF grinder stand for easy use and stability. Love the simple mechanics and ease of use.
  4. Egits


    Not at all, looks good. I like the having a handle to provide a little more control.
  5. Egits


    I added a larger handle, made from an old sewing awl. I also added a couple of additional thread guide. The felt pad under the thread spool also helps prevent thread from riding under the spool. I adds a little friction to prevent free spooling and thread tangle.
  6. Egits


    I just gave my a made up name. Being it is built like a tank I named it "Bruit 2019". I purchased it on amazon. It came pretty rough, oily and unfinished. I made several modifications and did a lot of polishing. I got the stand from Harbor Freight. I was really pleased with what the machine can sew. I found a great site for spare parts, "" I spoke with the owner and what a great source of information. You can purchase a machine from The machine is tested and will come to you in a ready to use condition. Had I know this I would have ordered the Patcher from them. I'm into my machine about $160 including the stand. Doing a little research I found that it is a copy of the Bradbury Sewing Machine company. Their machine was produced up to 1929 when Wall Street crashed. Many tink this is a copy of the Singer model 29.
  7. Egits

    Chinese patcher Machine modification

    I used a Harbor Freight Bench Grinder stand. Inexpensive and very stabile stand for the patcher.
  8. I bought one of those Chinese Patcher machine. I spent two days cleaning and polishing it out. They come oily and unfinnished metal surface. I also made several mod to help it sew better and give it a unique touch. I a HF grinder bench for height and stability. The tripod base that came with it was useless. I have posted pictures my finnish machine on this site. As for sewing I love it for the price point. It sews well once all adjusted. Great machine for tight and awkward sewing. Love the simplicity of the unit. I did order spare parts to have on hand.
  9. Upgraded plastic wheel handle. Used the backend of an old awl and adapted it to the turn wheel. The handle even provided storage for small items. This mod allows more grip and control when sewing over the little plastic wheel it had. Also added extra thread guide and spool platform.