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  1. Crystal, That sure is a very nice gun belt. I have been wanting to do one but havent got up the nerve yet. I do like the two tone colors. All in all I think you did a great job, just hope my first one will be that good. Keep up the good work Kenneth
  2. Welcome to the club. You do VERY nice work that I can see . This place is great for information and inspiration. Glad to have you,
  3. kenneth


    Thanks for the info and the kind words.My biggest problem is i need to take a deep breath and learn some patience .
  4. kenneth


    Hello All, I am new to leatherworking. My past projects have been some knife pouches and sheaths on which I have done some edge braiding with good success. I am trying to get into more braiding ( knots, turks heads, and the like ) to add/expand my work. The problem is this ,I have Grants book on braiding, but to put it simply I dont get it !!!. So I am asking you good folks for any referances that might be easier for this redneck to understand. As mentioned earlier the edge braiding I have done has not been hard ( got a good book from the Tandy store with good pictures and instructions) and I dont guess the rest can be that hard provided you have good instructions. So Ladies and Gentlemen ..... I need some help. Thank ya'll kindly Kenneth.
  5. Thanks. Looking forward to learing more about this great new hobby/obseccesion I have gotten myself into. Kenneth
  6. Hello everybody. My name is Kenneth and I am new to leather working. It is true that their is no cure for this . I have made 4 belts and a couple of knife sheaths. I will look forward to talking (working) with all of you. Thanks in advance for your support. Kenneth
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