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  1. karlitob

    Need a little help to get started

    Thanks to you and everyone else for their response and advice. I got started and made an awful looking leather money pouch. I made my own template, stitched it inside out and popped a snap into it. It looks awful and I loved every minute. I think I caught the bug. Ultimately I would love to make good quality belts (formal and informal), sandals, high quality wallets, briefcases, messenger bags and ladies bags. For me and for gifts. So a lifetime of learning right there! Will fill out the profile - I'm across the pond in Ireland.
  2. karlitob

    Need a little help to get started

    Understood - thank you. I think you are correct - it is chrome tan leather and sizes range from 1.1mm to 1.5mm thick. Thanks for your advice.
  3. Hi all, I'm new to leather work. I think I've looked at every single YouTube video on leather work in existence. I have also looked at every tool that could be purchased from all corners of the world. So in the end - I bought the cheapest set of tools I could find (74 pieces for E40 type thing) I could find, and bought remnants (Details below) But I'm a bit stuck - the leather is aniline leather and all the YouTube videos are veg tan or chrome- it's kinda throwing me a bit. So two questions please - What can I make? - Where can I get free templates? Thanks all Excited to start this journey - been looking to do this for such a long time. The unique Hide Leather Aniline waxed skin (heat) - one of the most exclusive, delicate and soft to the touch !!! See below for full description of colours; Rancho cognac-thick 1.3mm/1.5mm, Rancho cognac Trust-thick 1.3mm/1.5mm,Rancho dark brown-thick 1.3mm/1.5mm,Rancho stone-thick 1.3mm/1.5mm,Rancho deer-thick 1.3mm/1.5mm, Salaria ciocio-thick 1.2mm/1.4mm, Pampas brown-thick 1.0mm/1.1mm, Vintage brown-thick 1.6mm, Rancho nero-thick 1.3mm/1.5mm, Rancho clay-thick 1.3mm/1.5mm, Indiana moro-thick 1.3mm/1.5mm, Salaria Antracite-thick 1.2mm/1.4mm, Mazzau brown-thick 0.9/1.1mm , Sauvage brown - thick 1/ 1.1mm