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  1. Thank you for the tips very useful info.Hopefully this works. This photo shows the different needle bar heights 2 and 3 mm top of needle eye to hook. There was not a significant difference in the 2 or 3 mm. The forward stitch was set to 5 mm. When I lift the lever for reverse the stitch length is 6 mm. 1 mm per stitch longer. What can I do to correct this if possible? Everything else looks good. The other photo was a test piece that was used to set the tensions.
  2. I have adjusted the needle bar height, tried all positions of the reverse bar, adjusted the pressure bar. I have not gone into the timing or positions of the machine as there is a lack of service manual. This happens with size #18 through #25 794 needles. Am I overlooking this. I will add some pictures once I figure out how to get the resolution down.
  3. First time poster,I have been reading/lurking for a bit and have lots of valuable info from you guys. I picked up a Consew 733R and have been able to get it sewing after replacing the entire shuttle and carrier. I have recently been puzzled as to why when I put in reverse and back stitch the stitches do not go back in the same stitch holes. The stitch length in reverse is off. I have searched all over on how to adjust the length but have failed to find a manual for the 733R that explains this process. I have seen similar adjustments on other machines. Other than the above issue this machine sews great for its age. Thanks in advance if someone could shed some light to this issue.