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  1. Bubblehead

    Harley tank bibs/panels

    Man, those are nice!
  2. Bubblehead

    Re- dying “Bonded” leather question.

    Thanks all.
  3. Bubblehead

    Cow and Bison backpack

    That is sweet! Think I will attempt to make that. One for me and for each of my daughters for college.
  4. Bubblehead

    A Polish Briefcase :)

  5. I am thinking about dying a set of saddlebags on my Indian. In 2015 Indian went to “bonded” leather. Some call it pleather. My question is, will Fiebings oil dye work? Thanks all.
  6. Bubblehead

    New Beer Growler Carrier

    Very nice.
  7. Bubblehead

    Cutting leather.

    Thanks for the reply. I cut out a shape on dry leather, geez. I need patience and practice.
  8. Bubblehead

    Cutting leather.

    Thanks bikermutt. Have a buddy from Ville Platte. Trying to make some tank bibs for my Indian.
  9. Bubblehead

    Cutting leather.

    Hey all, newb question of the day. I’m going to be cutting some 8/9 oz leather for some projects with a round knife. Do I need to wet the leather prior to cutting?
  10. Bubblehead

    Photo Demo: Making a Biker Wallet

    Wondering how it turned out?
  11. Precursor to the Softride I reckon. These were a weird ride.
  12. Bubblehead

    Doing Solo Bobber- Video

    Very nice.
  13. Bubblehead

    1st round biker's bag

    Very nice.
  14. Bubblehead

    Soft lowers

    I am still working out how to attach. Keeping metal away is a good idea. Since I'm new here, I will have to figure out how to upload pictures.
  15. Bubblehead

    Motorcycle Tank Bib

    Very nice.