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  1. That is nice. If I may, how is the stone attached? Trying to figure out how to implement that. Thanks in advance.
  2. So many cool ideas on here. Going to make that for next year.
  3. Looks great! How did you do the "roll" over detail at the top? I'm new at the sheath thing.
  4. That is sweet! Think I will attempt to make that. One for me and for each of my daughters for college.
  5. I am thinking about dying a set of saddlebags on my Indian. In 2015 Indian went to “bonded” leather. Some call it pleather. My question is, will Fiebings oil dye work? Thanks all.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I cut out a shape on dry leather, geez. I need patience and practice.
  7. Thanks bikermutt. Have a buddy from Ville Platte. Trying to make some tank bibs for my Indian.
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