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  1. Hi, I am looking for a company that makes dies for press machines... I have a press with a motor on it, with a big fly wheel, and would like to get some custom dies made for it. Any suggestions? Even better if in the Boston / New England area. Thank you!
  2. Dantan

    Mystery machine....

    Trying to show it in the correct perspective....
  3. Dantan

    Mystery machine....

    So, I have a machine I picked up years ago... and am only now getting around to working on. I was hoping people here could help me figure out who made it, and more importantly, where I can get some dies made for it, so I can start to use it!! The die pictured is the die that was in it when I got it. I do not know if it was specific to the machine, or just something that the previous owner made work. Any help would be appreciated!!
  4. Dantan

    Two used Sewing machines for sale

    ...and the 51W54 has sold as well... I expect the buyer to be joining this website shortly.
  5. Dantan

    Two used Sewing machines for sale

    The patcher has sold... the 51W54 is still avavailible
  6. Dantan

    Singer 29-4 Patcher for sale

    This machine is sold..and has a new home.
  7. Dantan

    Singer 29-4 Patcher for sale

    Hi, I posted about this and another machine a few days ago, but it was pointed out to me that my post was not very clear, and having the machine in the title will help. The other machine is a Singer 51W54, which I will also write up in more detail, in its own post, probably tomorrow. The Singer 29-4 has not been used in at least 15 years, but stored in my workshop... so .. temperature controlled, normal humidity etc... I picked it up for a particular project, that never happened, so i really do not have any experience using it. I have not completely dug it out of the corner that it is in, to do any test stitching... when I do.. the price might go up I am located in the greater Boston area. Please feel free to contact me here, and if you woudl like a phone call back, just send me a PM. Dantan
  8. Dantan

    Two used Sewing machines for sale

    Hi Webicons, I am going to put them up on craigslist today I think.... ... any thoughts on a fair price? I am not trying to make a killing or anything... to be honest, I need the floor space more then I need the cash. D
  9. Long story short, I have two older singer sewing machines that i need to find a new home for. I am going to post here what they are, and i am hoping you all can help me figure out a fair price for them, and who knows.. maybe a buyer? Singer 29-4 Patch sewing machine. In Dusty condition... I had it tuned up I think 16 years ago... only used it a few times for a project that was discontinued. It has sat unused for close to 15 years, but I have reason to think it is not functional. I am thinking $300 to $500 ?? is that appropriate? The other machine is a Singer 51 W 54 Post machine. This machine was tuned up in the fall, and is the machine that I used for the last 20+ year. It has been a work horse for me, stitching pretty heavy strap leather , until I got a flat bed PFAFF a couple of months ago. This is the machine that I am really not sure what to ask for it, because I am not seeing very many of them out there for sale. so I am thinking $200 to $400 ??? Both machines are located in the Boston MA area. The 51W54 is set up, and easily testable.. the 29-4 needs to be dug out. Thank you for any advice!! Dantan