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  1. DoWhat

    New from Central Ohio

    finally got photos to load.......
  2. DoWhat

    New from Central Ohio

    There are tie downs for the saddle bags to the back girth. He also got a nifty pair of cowboy cuffs.
  3. DoWhat

    New from Central Ohio
  4. DoWhat

    New from Central Ohio

    It looks like all the other photos I wanted to share are too large.
  5. DoWhat

    New from Central Ohio

    Hello there. I've been coming to this forum for awhile to obtain information, just recently joined. I started doing leather work about 7 yrs ago as a way to keep busy during the winter months when it's too cold to horse ride. My husband signed me up for Tandy class to learn the basics. Mostly bc he wanted me to make him stuff. First up was a pommel bag with a gun holster & phone carrier inside the bag, then saddle bags, all to match his saddle. I decided I needed saddle bags to match my saddle & then I made us chinks. When I came up with a pattern for a beverage holder that attached to his saddle, I started getting requests to make some for friends. It has slowly progressed to other things as well; belts, phone cases, jewelry, cowboy cuffs. Just recently completed a cover for my son that's in the Marines to hold his Samsung tablet & paper notepad. I have benefitted from my husband's wood working skills & he's made my stitching pony, wood templates for phone cases, & my tool caddy.