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  1. Anyone ever use a polish/stain called leather luster??

  2. Hellooo Everyone...Been awhile.

  3. hello everyone just dug out another box of leather stuff i got from my late brother in law and found this not something i would Ever use so i was wondering how much something like this would be worth?(how much leather stuff could one man collect)been two years and i'm still finding stuff that belonged to him....wow.
  4. UK Ray, Thank You. Very much for the write up it helped me so much. As always still learning.Gawa
  5. WOW CitizenKate that was so very nice of you for that, Many Thanks.Gawa
  6. Found this picture on a web site and fell in love with the over all dye job. Would love to know how to accomplish it.I did give several attempts to no avail.Would love any imput.Thanks Gawa
  7. Where is There a good place to shop for leather or craft stores in the Boston Area....
  8. What my brother in law used was a piece of belt from a rock crusher....(talk about good wear)' Gawa.
  9. how can you soften a finished leather braclet or can you?...Thanks Pat.
  10. Thank You so much...Pat Thanks what awesome workshops. I looked at every pic there and saved a few to go by when I move to my new place.Pat.
  11. Been working with leather now for about 3-4 months. My brother in law worked with leather for the past 30 some years this past April he passed away and left me all his tools and what not. And I had no interest in leather work what so ever it would have been the last craft I would think of doing.My dog broke his collar that Garry had made him.So that was my first attempt at the craft.It was a love affair.On the 26 of feb.I move into my new home and there is a spare room the the basement which I would like to set up as a workshop any ideas of a layout or pics i could maybe work with. Right now with limited space I have to dig every time I do something.Would love to have some ideas for the layout.(pics would be so helpful) Thanks Pat.
  12. Gawa


    do you need to stropping your ceramic and ruby tip swivel knifes
  13. Gawa


    Found in a big ole box is shed...
  14. Gawa

    DIY stamps

    Is there a story behind your avatar? is it a viking rune?
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