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  1. BruceWampler

    Finishing a needle point belt.

    Tagged. I'm interesting in your solution. Indian quill work on sheath
  2. BruceWampler

    Fisters hand sewing machine?

    I'm still in the figure it out stage with mine. The 138 works fine on mine, both top and bottom. If I had to guess, I'd say that tiny bobbin holds 5-6' of 138. Everybody keeps talking about methods of winding bobbins. I just hold the bobbin with my fingernails, with the end of the thread pinched on the edge of the bobbin. Then I just twist the thread on and cut the tail before I install the bobbin. My problem is, I just have to figure out how to get the presser foot to quit marking up my leather. I've ground the edges off, and lightened the tension screw. It doesn't gouge anymore, but it's leaving indentions. May have to try that plasti-dip. I haven't polished mine up yet. I'm waiting for my son to loan me his vibratory cleaner thing.
  3. BruceWampler

    how to change the length of the stitches

    Are there any buttons/detents on the bed of the machine? (To keep the adjustment wheel from turning until you want to change the stitch length.)
  4. BruceWampler

    Traditional thread material use

    I was taking apart a rotten (or rotted) sheath that I can date to between 1936 & 1944. The external threads were pretty much gone, but the interior threads were intact. They look like natural fibers, and pass the burn test. My guess is they are cotton. I have read of gut and linen being used traditionally in hard leather goods. My question is, I have access to high quality cotton thread, and some hemp twine. Both are well made with minimal thick spots. I will be waxing whatever I end up using. Can anyone tell me their knowledge or experiences using these particular fibers.
  5. I recently read that some re-enactors will cast their own buttons for authenticity. Another idea would be long Chicago screws. You could put a washer on the screw side to keep it snug to the flap. Lock-tite if you prefer.
  6. BruceWampler

    What kind of closure/latch is this?

    Have you tried searching, "Valet Key Rings"?
  7. Awhile back, a guy was talking with me about making a "Wookie Belt". He described a bandolier type belt with his field gear (knife, hatchet, FAK, tarp, blanket, canteen, etc...) I don't know if anything came of it.
  8. Maybe I just haven't had enough coffee yet this morning, but could you show me a picture of what you are talking about please?
  9. How much do you charge for mold mags?

    Also, can you mold knives?



    1. wayner


      $20.00 for the mold mags I have. I have never molded a knife but I'm sure if I had the knife I could mold it. 

    2. BruceWampler


      Give me a little bit to see if the project warrants the molded mags.  Price sounds good.  I was hoping to find mold knives so I wouldn''t have to buy the actual knives.