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  1. I don't know squat about making boots, but damn those are nice. If I may, what last do you use?
  2. Bant

    your opinion

    March 16, 1974 my Father gave me this piece of advice. "Always treat a man like a man until he will no longer allow you to." That, though not verbalized, applied to ladies as well. While not an opinion, His words were of uncalculable value.
  3. 2Hill, I just took a look at this and may have a product for you to consider. I just took delivery on a custom made pair of "rough out" boots. They recommended and sent along a container of Skidmore's Leather Cream(www.skidmores.com). I haven't used it yet and I have no association with them but take a look, might just do for what you need.
  4. I appreciate the response! Thanks
  5. As a hobbyist, I've never used eyelets, but I'm about to start a project that I want to use them on. Would someone point me in the right direction to educate myself on eyelet sizes and selection. Of course with use of eyelets, a setter will be needed. The below link is just one of those that might be useable. Suggestions? https://osborneleathertools.com/product_details.php?pid=317
  6. I'd suggest looking at their website, get their number and give them a call. They don't object to calls regarding their products. I've done business with them and have nothing but good feelings about them. Edit to add Horsewright's number 661 822 4941
  7. Zuludog, using magazines as a surface for chisels, etc is a capital idea! Thank you for your approach.
  8. Nice, very nice! I've toyed with the thought of making such, but there are two problems; 1) I'm a lefty and have had difficulty making a pattern and 2) my skill level isn't all that good. Again, your work is easy on the eyes and the construction is bullet(pun intended) proof.
  9. Gentlemen, thanks much for the responses. I'm merely a hobbist but have been asked to do a knife sheath with a snake skin inlay on the front. So, what's left of my mind, has told me that instead of just gluing the snake skin to the back side ofthe sheath, it would be a good idea to to stitch around the perimeter as well. That led me to the thoughtthat a groove forthe stitches would be a good idea. Thus the genesis of the original question. That being said, I'm wide open to suggestions as to how to procede. I just don't want to screw this up as the skin is a stunning example of Copperhead.
  10. Sir, many thanks for Your response!
  11. Well, my initial post didn't blow air up anyone's knickers, so let's try this. Does anyone have any experience with this tool? https://www.stecksstore.com/freehand-stitching-groover-88074-11/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkomo9aqG6AIVkZOzCh3sdAtGEAkYCSABEgJqYPD_BwE
  12. Howdy Folks. I need a recommendation for a stitching Groover to use in the center of a project. When working close to the edge I've got that covered, just haven't done any stitching in central areas. Guess I should mention that I hand stitch only. Thanx!
  13. Many thanks Sir! It's time to search my scrap leather and do a few "trial" runs. Again Thanks!
  14. A Buddy of mine has asked me to make a wind string slider for him. I showed him a three strand turk's head I'd done on another project. Great says he. Next he hands me a new roll of Tandy 1/4 inch latigo lace with a quick comment that the slider will take less than 72 inches of the latigo they say. Ah the ever elusive "They". I see no reason it can't be done with a minimal useage of the latigo, but I thought I'd throw it out here for thoughts. So my question is, is there a formula that I could use to put in all of the quasi critical dimentions?
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