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  1. That is so far beyond my skill set! Would you please elaborate on the thong(s) on the bottom of the mag pouches? Again, stellar work, absolutely stellar.
  2. As I said, I ain't seen everything. Given the pictured tool's shape, I'd love to see it used as a hoof knife, seriously. You ain't experienced excitement until you've done hoof work on rank horse.
  3. Hoof Knife? I don't think so. Have been around horses for a bunch of years. Have seen and used a variety of hoof knives including left handed hoof knives. Never have seen that, but I ain't seen everything.
  4. Some pictures of the knife would, in my opinion, would be nice to see where the issues are. I've never done the electrolysis, but I've used vinegar, which has worked, but the soak time varies. Two other possibilities; 1) Contact Osborne and see if they might be of assistance and 2) Seek out a pro who might be able to help. From my perspective, if the cost of going that direction is affordable to rectify the situation, it may well be a good approach. With the later, take a look at Bladeforums.com. If posting another site for help is verbotten I apologize.
  5. You have every reason to be proud, especially in a period where so many, not just the young, have joined themselves to devices that tend to offer immediate gratification. Bravo Zulu from a former U.S. Coast Guardsman.
  6. Thanks for the responses. As usual, I tend to over think and/or complicate a reasonable and straight forward task. Again thanks.
  7. I'm not adroit at tooling, but I'd like to know more about home brew lifters.
  8. Give C S Osborne a call. 973 483 3232 You won't be disappointed.
  9. Thanx all for the feed back, now its time to follow your recomendations. Again I appreciate the input.
  10. I've been eyeing this set of stitching chisel's and have seen a set that I think would work, since I don't stitch all that often. https://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/67-725/diamond-stitching-chisel-set/pr_62227/cp_/shop-now/hand-tools/hand-stitching-lacing/needles-awls-chisels I also would appreciate thoughts regarding size selection. Thanks
  11. I don't know squat about making boots, but damn those are nice. If I may, what last do you use?
  12. 2Hill, I just took a look at this and may have a product for you to consider. I just took delivery on a custom made pair of "rough out" boots. They recommended and sent along a container of Skidmore's Leather Cream(www.skidmores.com). I haven't used it yet and I have no association with them but take a look, might just do for what you need.
  13. I appreciate the response! Thanks
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