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  1. Thanks for replies guys - yes, I'll try and get some lambs wool imported. I definitely feel like I need to cut my dye by at least 50/50. Rockoboy - do you have any suggestions on a good sprayer? I have plenty of compressors, but not sure about a good kit.
  2. Hey guys, Pretty new to leather here but getting pretty involved. Just have a few questions about things that I haven't quite found good answers to. Fiebings Pro Dye - I've started using the Royal Blue lately. I'm trying to make a wallet and I've cut out a 10" x 18" piece of leather to work on. Applied the Royal Blue directly from the bottle using a dauber and it just looks....very uneven. I buffed it immediately afterwards but it didn't seem to change much. 1. I see a good few posts about cutting the dye. What's the best ratio to cut to? 1:1? 10:1? 2. I know that dip dyeing is very popular - so I'll try it for the next time. But for larger pieces, what's the best way to apply the dye? Daubers seem pretty bad, and I don't exactly have good access to woolskin. Is it acceptable to just use a sponge and work it in? 2a. Is there any way for me to fix the piece after I've put in such a heavy amount of Fiebings pro? Lol. 3. Seen a few things about sealing the dye - wasn't aware I needed to do that. On a previous project I used Super Shene, but apparently that is terrible? How should I be sealing the dye? Neatsfoot oil, acrylic resolene, or tan kote? 4. Just with regards to cutting - how do you get nice rounded edges? I use a fairly sharp Olfa knife on a good mat, but I can't seem to get those beautiful rounded edges I see. I normally use a washer as a guide. 5. The first piece of leather I ever bought was..well apparently it was pretty crappy. I managed to slick down the roughness of the suede with some gum trag, but do you guys have any other suggestions? Again, I'm sure many of these questions have multiple answers of personal preference, but I just want to learn from the wisdom of you guys. Thanks so much!