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  1. Wow, very Nice! I'm thinking of buying some baby calf, I've never used it before.
  2. $50 edge creaser, tring to figure out what iron will fit the hole. Any ideas?
  3. nate186

    6" Cowboy Deluxe Leather Splitter

  4. nate186

    6" Cowboy Deluxe Leather Splitter

    I'm wondering if this can skive along the edge as well as the end? Anyone know?
  5. nate186

    A Polish Briefcase :)

    Wow, I love this bag!! I'm think of making my first briefcase. I love the two tones.
  6. nate186

    Machine For Sewing Sneaker Midsole?

    I know this is an old thread, but I'm thinking of buying a hand crank sidewall stitcher from Robin Industries. I'd like to know if the sidewall sticher can be used as an insole stitcher? I don't think the other way around will work. Hockeymender, how has your machine been working. I already have a shoe patcher, and it works as expected.